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Thursday, April 9, 2015

Suggestion from Sriani (Dissanayake) Basnayake

Sriani has suggested that we introduce a new category under the label "Jokes" (please see her e-mail below). I personally feel that it is worthwhile following up. Therefore, I wish to invite members of the batch to send in contributions. Any humourous item would be welcome, but please try to keep out hackneyed stuff that have been circulating on the Internet for years. After all, viewers of our blog also correspond regularly by e-mail and they do come across such jokes which we need not repeat here.

Please do remember that whatever you suggest would be taken seriously. I am quite pleased that the few active members are doing their bit to keep this blog going.

I have already requested Sriani to set the ball rolling.

Sriani Basnayake

10:25 (23 hours ago)
Lucky, I was thinking of adding another item to our blog, i.e. “Jokes”.
Since many of us are retired and have the time to exchange jokes and witty sayings, I was wondering whether it would appeal to the majority of our batch-mates. This is just a suggestion, and need not be taken seriously.


  1. Great idea Sriani! Will it wake up the "silent majority"?

  2. A great idea indeed- looking forward to your first Sriani.
    - if this doesn't wake everyone up,I guess nothing will!
    One problem Ofcourse will be to know what has been hackneyed and what has not from each one's viewpoint- we could give Lucky lots of work getting him to screen them!

  3. Rohini is right. It needs some scrutiny to avoid 'insults' as some jokes cross the boundary. Let us assume the batch of 62 have broad shoulders and Rhino skins. Lawyers with the "No win No Fee" banner will keep a close eye on the proceedings. We need some excitement in our retirement. Give it a go and set the ball rolling. Have fun!!!

    1. ND,Lucky and Rohini Ana.,
      I have no such worries as ALL my jokes are 'originals' and on ME!! I do have a habit of laughing at myself and TRUE so nobody can take any offence.

  4. Lucky,
    ND has raised very valid and serious concerns regarding this in a fun way.
    There could be allegations of copyright infringements etc that could ensue
    out of the blue however careful one might be.
    Sriani ofcourse would not be incapable of making up her very own jokes, but many of us others might not be so clever-
    As ND says- Set the ball rolling Sriani and hope it will be fun all the way.

  5. Laughter is the best medicine. It brings down the BP, relieves stress and strengthens the immune system. It is the verbal Viagra for those 2 stroke engines. There will be many coming out of the woodwork to get rejuvenated and revitalised. Sriani, You have hit on the G-spot of our batch. I feel better already in anticipation. Please, please get it going !!

  6. Rohini has raised a valid point which I have repeatedly highlighted before.
    As the blog administrator, the responsibility will finally fall on me. Therefore, I appeal to prospective contributors to look into this before submitting them.

    Most of what you find on the Internet can be quoted freely. Usually, they carry a clause at the bottom. For example, material under Wikipedia are not covered by copyright issues, if unedited. See under "Legal Environment".

    The contributor has to decide whether a joke has been doing the rounds before. The best would be original stuff, if such stuff can be evolved or created!

  7. Lucky
    You are right. I have managed my school website for nearly 20 years. It isnt easy to find our which is copyrighted and which is not. Individuals and lawyers are quick to pounce on any errors of judgement. There will be some close calls. This is an important issue that needs careful consideration. In these our Golden years we do not wish to fret about lawyers and courts.
    A simple rule would be to publish one's own jokes and anecdotes of which I am sure there are many in our long and 'tortuous' lives. As you have rightly said the buck stops with you , Lucky.
    Good luck