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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The Eagle

I am sure you all will enjoy Speedy's latest contribution, just as much as I did.

The Eagle
By Mahendra Gonsalkorala

High above the mountains and dales
casting a moving shadow as he sails
Serenely gliding in the peaceful air
broad wide wings outspread with flair
Arrogant steely eyes that seek
with telescopic vision beamed on the meek
Surveying the land beneath for prey
disdainful expression, ready for the fray
performing elegant swoops with grace
his domain, his realm, his space.
Poise and magnificence acknowledged
Ruler of the skies, King unchallenged

Now begins soaring rapidly
becoming a distant speck swiftly
Time ceases for a moment
harnessing power dormant
Looms into view again,
a missile from heaven,
swooping down,
gathering speed,
bright shiny eyes focused,
chasing its hapless prey.
Descends on it ruthlessly
pouncing with its talons
in a blurred frenzy of motion.
No mercy, no distraction
the victim never had a chance
Rises majestically carrying its prey
disappearing into the heavens
Ruler of the skies, King unchallenged

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Updated List of CoMSAA Founder Members

I am glad to report that Zita Subasinghe, Sujatha Lena and Nalin Nanayakkara too have been included in the list of Founder Members of CoMSAA. They had sent in their applications before the 31st December, 2012 deadline. We thus have 30 Founder Members from our batch.

Suriyakanthi Amarasekara
Anton Ambrose
Swyrie Balendra
S.A.P. Gnanissara
V.A. Hettiarachchi
Ranjan Hulugalle
Lareef Idroos
Bandula Jayasekara
Sanath Lamabadusuriya
M.Z. Lameer
Douglas Mulgirigama
Lucian Perera
Lalini Rajapaksa
Rajan Ratnesar
Mahesan Richards
Kusuma Ruberu
Harsha Samarajiwa
Pramilla Senanayake
Chandra Silva
H.N. Wickramasinghe
S.S. (Jimmy) Wickramasinghe
L.N.D. Abeyagunawardene
Mahendra Gonsalkorala
Kamali de Silva
Farouk Mahmoud
Razaque Ahamat
Indra Anandasabapathy
Zita Subasinghe
Nalin Nanayakkara
Sujatha Lena

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Colombo Medical Faculty Website

When you have time, please visit the website of the Colombo Medical Faculty by clicking on the following link. It is very informative. There is a separate link to the Overseas Elective Program  which makes the whole process very simple.