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Saturday, April 25, 2015

Rohini Abhayaratne's brother

Pram has just informed me that Rohini Abhayaratne's brother Malin has passed away this morning. Funeral is at Jawatte Cemetery today at 4.00 pm.


  1. I am deeply saddened to hear this news. Our thoughts and prayers are with Rohini's family at this difficult time.
    May he have Eternal Peace

  2. Thank you Lucky for passing on this sad news. I know that Rohini is probably devastated, because she was very close to her brother. She and the rest of the family will be very much in my thoughts and prayers. I will contact her soon. Unfortunately, Rohini does not use email, although I have been trying to encourage her. Bunter

  3. Rohini AnandarajaApril 25, 2015 at 8:35 PM

    Please accept our very sincere sympathies .
    We are unable to contact you directly as we have no contact details for you.
    Ana and Rohini ( Senaratne)

  4. Rohini, I am so sorry to hear this. I don't think I have ever met your brother but I gather you were very close to him. In this time of sadness, please accept my deepest commiserations. Speedy.