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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Ceylinco Bra - LA

When I saw Sriani's Baptist Bra....... Sorry! I mean when I read Sriani's contribution under the title "Baptist Bra", my mind went back to the time the Ceylinco Insurance Company (a leading life insurance company in Sri Lanka) was using a sales slogan to boost their sales of insurance policies. The advertising company which handled their account had come up with the novel slogan "Big or Small - Ceylinco Protects them All" (obviously meaning that they provide insurance cover to individuals of any age).

An enterprising hawker at Pettah's World Market had picked this up to promote the sale of a local bra with the label "Ceylinco". He was shouting at the top of his voice "Ceylinco Bra!, Ceylinco Bra! Laabayi, laabayi". When a curious customer who was familiar with Ceylinco Insurance made further inquiries, the pavement hawker explained "Sir, haven't you heard about the latest brand of brassieres in the market?  Big or Small - Ceylinco Protects them All". The man was obviously piggybacking on the advertising campaign of Ceylinco Insurance.