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Sunday, July 30, 2017

Creative Spot by Mahendra (Speedy) Gonsalkorale (New version of Pinsidu Wanney)

Please note the following e-mail from Speedy:

Mahendra Gonsalkorale

16:35 (18 minutes ago)
to me
Dear Lucky,

I am grateful to you for posting the first version on our "Millionaire" Blog!
The value to me has been the feedback, both through the blog and via email and I have revised it accordingly and redone it. I hope it is a better version now.

If you agree, you can post it on the Blog with my email note on how this came about.

Very best wishes,



  1. Beautiful Performance - Thankyou Mahen and Shanta-
    Look forward to more of this beautiful music.

  2. Congratulations Speedy on that wonderful performance.
    One of my favourite old time favourites, sung so beautifully.
    Sriani Basnayake

    1. Thanks to Leader of Buses for your appreciation!

  3. Thanks Rohini and Sriani. I had some kind observations from a few others too for the first version posted on this Blog. Thanks to all of you.

  4. As I commented before, this is a fantastic song by you and Shanta and your playing is professional! You both have done a great job. As I said before there is a moral behind this story and this happens amongst humans and it is like a plea to save the poor nest, hut, house etc. Thanks to you both! From Zita

    1. Thanks Zita. Unfortunately comments were lost with the update of the music. As you rightly pointed out this song written by RH Fernando has a deep moral message and I have placed it as a separate comment.

  5. Meaning of the song.

    (R. N. H. Perera)
    (Translation of Pinsidu Wanne...)

    You are blessed...
    You are blessed, dear little kids
    Don’t break my home, oh please.
    Into the forest I’ve gone
    Looking for dry sticks alone

    And brought them piece by piece
    To make my home a happy place
    On a very high branch of a tree
    Now it’s my hope, my dream, you see
    Kept a leaf on leaf to build my home
    And my dear wife made it cosy all alone
    Strands of cotton wool, softened our bed
    And dears don’t break it to make us sad.
    My home today is full of love
    With my wife and kids bringing joy and love
    Do not throw stones at us, little kids
    I beg you to save our little ones.
    Parents always love their kids
    Don’t hurt us therefore, you little kids
    We beg you for life, as life is precious
    to you and us - all living beings.

  6. Beautiful rendition of a lovely old song! Thank you Mahen and Shanta. Mahen thank you also for sending us the translation. It will help any non-Sinhala speaking listeners. (Is it possible to add the translation to your YouTube post, or have you already done it? ) This song brings back many fond childhood memories, because my father had a collection of 78 rpm records by CT Fernando, Deva Suriyasena, Sunil Shantha and others who were popular at the time. I think my brother still has the records in his home in Colombo. I'm sorry I haven't been logging on to the Blog recently, but the weather has been lovely in Connecticut lately, spurring me to get out to enjoy the all too brief warm weather. It is good to be back in touch!

  7. Welcome back Srianee. We missed you, definitely! Thanks for your encouragement. It is just that I enjoy doing these things. As I posted on FB, "Before retirement, I had to find time to fit in things; now I have to find things to fit in time"- Must quickly add that I have no problem finding "things" but time has acquired a new dimension, one of subjective contraction! Where did July go? Or for that matter, June May, April.........2016?

    1. I am not on FB, so I didn't see your statement about "before and after" retirement. I agree with you completely about finding things to do and I don't seem to have a problem either! We've got to stick our necks out a bit. One of the activities I've addd to my list is regularly visiting the Apple store to take advantage of the free classes they provide. One has to sign up ahead, on line, but they are completely free! I've been learning a lot about my Apple products. Sometimes I am the only person there with the trainer and I get undivided attention. It is a great way to uncover all the magical things one can do with the Apple 'toys'.

    Might be useful for Bloggers to know that if you have not been to the blog for some time and you want to quickly flick through past posts AND their comments, First look at the Latest one with comments and then after the last comment you will see "Older Post" (to the Right of "Home") in Blue on the grey background. Just click on this and it will take you back one by one WITH the comments so that you don't need to click Home and then click on the next topic just click on "Older Post" and cycle through as far back as you want! Easy!

  9. I met Kumar Gunawardene at Pram Senanayake's grand 75th birthday bash at the Cinnamon Grand Hotel a couple of days ago. He told me that he is still finding it difficult to insert comments on the blog, something that he very much wants to do. I explained the process and directed him to "How to post a comment", an older post that was published some time ago.

    Kumar is another example of the many who want to insert comments, but are precluded from doing so due to some technical problem or other.

  10. Lucky, I am not sure why Kumar has a problem now as he has posted comments before. I wonder whether he has changed computers as Safari (Apple browser) users do have a problem which remains unsolved. My advice is that they should send you and email with their comments which you can insert on their behalf.I am sure you won't mind and I too have volunteered to do this before.

  11. You are right. He had done it before. This time, he had written a long comment about the millionth hit but could not post it. I wonder whether someone else had helped him with the earlier ones.

  12. Lucky, even though I have been writing comments for ages, I still run into trouble now and then . These computers are very temperamental - some times they do what they are supposed to do, then suddenly they give you a hard time, and also bounce back when you dont expect it to work!
    Hope Kumar manages to get back to the blog without difficulty again.

    1. Rohini,
      "Monawata kiyana--wada " I have the same problem. Sometimes feel like 'dashing te darn thing'!! When it behaves, it's great,when it disobeys, fell like trashing it---- like a bad child!!

    2. Raz,--- your 'Substantial Friend'August 12, 2017 at 10:43 AM

      Mahen, sorry I am late again as usual... my apologies.
      It brought tears to my eyes with emotion. Brought back my child-hood memories. It was really heartrending & really strained my heartstrings. What talents. Keep it up.
      What a wonderful rendition.. you have missed your vocation!!.

    3. Raz,--- your 'Substantial Friend'August 12, 2017 at 10:57 AM

      Farina really enjoyed it and accompanied it word for word! She say thanks you ever so much for that great rendition for a yesteryear all time favourite of all of us.
      I too tried keep pace... but was far too FLAT!!

    4. That was a huge compliment Raz, O'Substantial One! I mean not just your comments but that of your belove Farina. How I wish I could have heard her! Please give her my love and regards. "The Mouse" signing off.

  13. This is Zita, posting a comment on the 7th November 2018. This post of the song Pinsinduwanne sung by Mahendra and Shantha has been posted on our Blog on the 30Th July 2017. I happen to listen to his from time to time as it touches my heart. I hope this duo will do more of such songs from our past and which even today give people a 'message'. And I hope our members listen to the past songs from time to time as they are so up lifting. Thanks again, Mahendra and Shantha and of course Lucky for making all this possible. Zita