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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Selected Pictures from Vietnam Tour

Met on arrival in Hanoi by tour guide

Hanoi city tour

Dinner Day 1

Ha Long Bay cruise

Ha Long Bay cruise

Dinner Day 2

Hoa Lu in Ninh Bing temple visit

Tam Coc

War Museum in Saigon

Monks' dane laid out. Note the pork dish

Family factories in Mekong Delta

Cart ride in village

Tasting snake wine

Boat ride

Cu Chi tunnels network of Vietnamese guerrillas

Cu Chi tunnels

Eve of departure


  1. Lucky, Lovely to see you back to manage the blog we have so enjoyed, with all it's trials and tribulations!
    As you know, from the sublime to the ridiculous is but one step !
    Good to see you've enjoyed your holiday- cheers

  2. Lucky
    Great photos of a memorable family holiday. The happy smiles say it all. As they say 'see the bigger picture'. The rest gets lost in the fog of time.
    Take care my friend.

  3. Most perceptive comment from Rohini as usual! Good to see you and Mangala having a great time. The photos have captured your trip well and has whetted my appetite to visit "Vandeful Vietnam"

  4. Lucky and Mangala, good to see both of you back in circulation.
    Did you travel inside a tunnel?

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  6. Glad to see you back from a genuine holiday,thus forgetting your bus man's holidays.

  7. Hi Mangala & Lucky,
    Sure you both has had a great time going by the photos in the 'Vietcong' country!!
    Lovely Food indeed, other than the PORK Dish, of course, dished out by the Monks!! Of course it is not my favourite dish!!
    Any way good to see you both enjoying and but now back to the mundane activities, nevertheless relaxed and refreshed.

  8. Thanks, Lucky! It is a real make believe trip for us. I really enjoyed being a fly on your camera. I only looked away from the snake wine picture(yukkie!). Zita