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Thursday, July 20, 2017

E-mail from Bala on the Upcoming Reunion

Kumar Balachandra

Attachments19:49 (1 hour ago)
to me

Dear Lucky
Sorry to hear that you are unable to attend .

I am sending them a letter I got from the travel agent today with the application form to be completed by each person boarding the ship . Please complete and email the form to the attention of Lara Bradford as per instructions given below.

Please post this in the blog . Thank you for your support.


From: <>
Sent: 20 July 2017 14:26
Subject: P&O Britannia 2 September 2017 x 20 cabins

Good Afternoon Mr Balachandra

Thank you for you phone call today.

We are happy to price match for you, (subject to availability)

2 September 2017
2 Nights
P&O Britannia
Balcony Cabin Saver Fare
£249 per person
Agreed Price match £241 Per Person *subject to availability* 

Summary of Figures

Price Per Person £241

Price Per Cabin £482.00 

Overall Group price £9640.00

My colleague has kindly prepared a booking form, with required information.

Once all forms are received I will contact you, re check the price,  I can then process the group booking for you

Please can you mention to the group the following
  • Prices are subject to availability and change
  • Saver Fare rules apply see below 
  • Terms & Conditions

    Saver Fares require a 100% deposit at the time of booking and are subject to a 100% cancellation fee. No amendments are permitted once booked; any amendment will be treated as a cancellation. Bookings are made at the relevant cabin type and a cabin number is allocated by P&O Cruises prior to departure. Dinner seating as allocated on board. Shuttle buses in ports are an additional cost. Saver Fares apply to new bookings only. These terms and conditions vary, where relevant, the applicable booking conditions which are otherwise unchanged.

The form can be completed and emailed back to our branch, for the attention of Lara Bradford

Kind Regards

Lara Bradford
Hays Travel Eastleigh
☎023 80089113
Hays Travel Limited | 21 High Street | Eastleigh | Hampshire | SO50 5LF

From Lucky (Blog Administrator).

Please read the following correspondence as well:

My regrets to Bala:

Lucky Abey

07:46 (13 hours ago)
to loretta
Dear Bala,

This is what I was worried about. It is clashing with the Annual Get-together of CoMSAA which is on the 
same weekend. I have attended all Get-togethers of the Colombo Med School Alumni Association 
(CoMSAA) since the inaugural year 2011 and I have already confirmed with current President that I
shall not miss this year's as well.

By a sheer coincidence, I received this e-mail from the current President today. It had been addressed
to just five of us.


Lucky Abey

11:42 (9 hours ago)
to AruniSarath
Dear Sarath Gamini,

Thank you for inviting me to contribute to this year's CoMSAA souvenir. I will let you know by Monday whether I can think of a suitable topic. It has to suit the setting around the time I was a medical student from 1962 to 1967. I will be in Belihuloya this weekend and can think over it! I have this habit of re-visiting the places that I have been to with Mangala soon after our wedding in 1970. We have already been to Elle many a time. Although we have passed through Belihuloya, we have never spent a night there. The only difference is that on the last occasion, we were at the famous Rest House (where the former Health Minister WPG Ariyadasa was in the next room!). This time we'll be at Glenrock Boutique Hotel which is closer to Tenne where there is an Aranya. Mangala and her sister have arranged an alms giving to the monks in that Aranya.

I also received the Flyer that Aruni hadsent and wish to confirm my presence at the venue from the previous afternoon as we usually do. I shall get in touch with Aruni for our tickets and the hotel booking. Jetwing Blue in Negombo was where we celebrated our 50th Anniversary Batch Reunion since graduation a couple of months ago. Only sad thing is that as I informed you before, we will have to miss the Annual Dinner of the Sri Lanka College of Community Physicians that Saturday.



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