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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

REUNION QUIZ by Suri Amarasekera

Hi Everybody I thought it would be good to share the Quiz I conducted during our 50th Anniversary Reunion for the benefit of those who were unable to join us. The list of questions I compiled was from actual incidents and not figments of my imagination. It took me almost 6 months to get it all together…. I would suddenly recall an incident that happened long ago during our student days at 3.00am, and jot it down in case I forget it by morning! I have not included incidents which could offend or hurt anyone(believe me there were quite a few of those!)
I have given the answers at the end ….. See how accurate your recall is.                     --Suri--
  1.      Name the female student who had the audacity to go to Prof Koch’s  toilet in the Physiology block , to answer an urgent call of nature and saw Prof with his pants down.

22.      Name the male student who was overheard complaining to his female companion after a Parasitology lecture “if we hold hands we get Scabies, if we bite we get Rabies, if we sleep we get Babies. What can we do???”

33.      Name the female student who used to bring a whole box of Kleenex tissues to the lectures, when she had a cold? She also had a major crush on Michael Abeyratne.

44.      Name the female student who was bold enough to go up to Dr Noel Batholameusz, and ask him for the name of his Orchid on a dare.

55.      Name the female student who was popularly voted as having the sexiest legs in the batch.

66.      Name the doctor who hit the KelaniValley  train at the Castle Street Level Crossing  with his Mercedes and wondered what the bump was.

77.      Name the student who was known as “The pocket edition”.

88.      On the 29th of February 1964, several female students declared their love and proposed to a batch mate in a letter that was pinned to the Boy’s Common Room Notice Board by Marker. Name that lucky male student

99.      Who was the female who had the cheek to park her Peugeot near the Koch Clock Tower when she came to register as a Medical Student , and had all 4 tyres deflated and her dresses paraded by Blomfontein seniors ?

110.  Who was named “The Mighty Atom” by Prof Koch?

111.  Who fainted into the arms of a dashing young Intern while assisting at an emergency laparotomy, but recovered just as he was giving her the Kiss of life?

112.  After our batch mates visited Devi BalikaVidyalaya on the day of the Law Medical Cricket match in 1963, they were grilled by none other than Pachaya. He asked all the students who were in the vehicle that went to the girls’ school to stand up. Everybody stood up. “So you are all guilty?” said Prof“No Sir”one of them declared  The Vehicle was too big to go through the school gates, and I was in the half of the vehicle that was still on the road” Name this Student

113.  Name the student who dug Prof Navaratne with her elbow in OT “C” and asked “what is Lubber’s realname?”

114.  Name the female student who vowed to marry a boy who’s surname began with one of the 1st five letters of the alphabet

115.  Name the student who when asked how much potassium is there in the body at a Physiology signature brought his thumb and fingers together and said “This much” !

116.  Name the student who when asked to trace the path of the Ulnar Nerve at an Anatomy Sig, said the Ulnar nerve comes to the elbow and goes this way, and when the Lecturer looked shocked  said no ,no, it goes that way.

117.  Name the student who sat on the floor of King George’s  Hall with a jatawa on his head, and drummed vigorously for RohiniSenaratne to dance

118.  Who was the attractive female student who  was always chosen to have a venepuncture  to get a  blood sample by “Prick Perera”

Answers1.Kusuma2.Patas   3.Swyrie   4.Suri  5.Bunter  6.Lareef7.RohiniSenaratne8.Harsha   9.Pramilla10.Primrose 11.Suji12.Lubber 13.Kusuma 14.Malkanthi

15.Srikantha16.Srikantha17.Speedy  18.Manel  Mathew


  1. Sorry for any confusion caused due to incorrect numbering. When posting, the numbering was not visible. I tried to edit it and this was the result. Just ignore the first digit.

    1. The numbering reminded me of some GP dispensaries in old Sri Lanka in days gone by. As you walk in you get a number but not in order. Once there a few people sitting awaiting their turn, the next new comer is given a number way above the sequential number to demonstrate how busy (and therefore good) the doctor is!

  2. Suriyakanthy
    Thank you for that amusing questionnaire. It will take me lot longer than the 6 months you took to compile them to find answers. Catching the Prof with his pants down is far less titillating than if the reverse happened. Those are Wonderful memories of our youth and it is lovely to be reminded of our colourful lives in the faculty.

  3. There were two teams and if both failed to provide an answer, Bunter as moderator was allowed to chip in and guess what, she won!

  4. there is one more to add to Srikantha's funny answers.We were having questioning session by DrR P Jayawardene.We were asked about the serum bilirubin level.SriKantha showed his two finger to demonstrate the amount was a pinch.It's true Bunter had sexy legs.Every one of appreciated in silence(no Comments)

    1. Nice to see you on the Blog Sumati. I can add one more involving the late and funny Punsiri.

      Who is the medical student who answwred Dr Burhan's question on "what is the main constituent of anti-Rabies vaccine" by putting up his hand sheepishly causing Dr Burhan to say " at least one of you donkeys know the answer, yes, what is it?" and Punsiri said, "Sir, distilled water"

  5. Hi Speedy,
    At one of the clinical session with Antho,Pattas was asked to perform a PR examination.Pattas told "Sir,I haven't done it before"Antho,MrRatnesar,"If your father told your mum,Dear I haven't done it before"You would not be here.

  6. Another occasion with Antho.HN was asked to examined the testes of patient.HN was hesitant.Antho told HN,"Mr Wicramasinghe"when you have to give something hot you can't be wasting time.I hope HN will remember this incidence.

  7. Good to see Sumathi coming up with these Gems. More from others please!

  8. Suri,
    Thankyou for giving us non-attendees a further glimpse into what went on at the reunion.Your quiz was most interesting,and the sensitivity to the feelings of your colleagues you had excercised in compiling the quiz is to be commended.
    Having considered myself a long-forgotten entity,it surprised me that you remembered my dancing with improvised drumming at the block concert! -I had hoped noone would remember this,as I was made to understand long after the events, that the block concert was not a fit stage for a girl to dance!, and that performance of classical Manipuri handed down from Tagore's Shantiniketan at the block concert was an 'infra dig' thing to do!
    However it was too late, already done in the spirit of cooperating with the batch in their request for an item for the concert, persuaded by close colleagues who knew I was in public productions by the dance school at that time.
    We were all a bunch of teens just out of school then, and totally unaware of all those 'undercurrents'!
    Anyway, it is so nice to see you in the blog and hope we'll
    see more of you-cheers-Rohini

    1. P.S. An acknowledgement and Thank you to
      Lucky Weerasooriya too for his fantastic drumming for the above event-Regards -Rohini

  9. Bunter,
    How is it you are so quiet when the blog is all agog about your sexy legs, which I well remember from our schooldays!
    I didnt know you were given to exhibiting them in the medical faculty!
    Did you wear miniskirts?
    Even Sumathi who I remember as a very sedate and reserved chap seems to have been quietly admiring them!!

    1. Those were shapely and lovely indeed. I am reminded again of that 1950's commercial service of Radio Ceylon advertisement for Favre-Leuba watches "time passes quality remains "

    2. Et Tu Nihal!

  10. Bunter is quiet and has not commented so far. She must be busy with her visitors.

    Or is she blushing in some corner?

  11. Thanks, Suri! Credit to you for devising this unique quiz, which brings back such memories, only some of it. I remember what a good memory you had then. We'd study together and a week later you'd rattle off everything with ease, while we would be struggling to remember any of it. I feel almost like I was at the batch get together with all of this coming on our Blog. Thanks again! Zita

  12. I must ask Suri who remembers so much, whether any girl had been picked by male colleagues for outstanding (no pun intended!) upper deck attributes.

  13. Upper Deck warning:

  14. OK Everyone, I am back!! I was traveling from Colombo to Hamburg, where I am now. I will continue on to Connecticut on April 1. I've been busy catching up with my grandkids who live here. I am a bit embarrassed by the discussion of my legs, which have definitely seen better days. I have to contend with spider veins and other developments with advancing age. I will be grateful if they remain strong and hold me upright in the years ahead. In answer to Rohini's question, I did not wear 'mini' skirts but more modest short skirts I think. I only wore a sari when I absolutely had to, such as during the Rajasooriya rotation. (What tyranny we had to endure!)
    Yes, Suri's quiz was a lot of fun, and as Mahen said I did answer quite a few correctly, but they were lucky guesses mostly. We were wrong about one, though. The impromptu drummer accompanying Rohini was Lucky W. and not Speedy. No wonder Speedy couldn't remember the incident! The quiz brought back a lot of good memories. Well done Suri! (with JC's input I think.)

  15. Glad to hear you are back safely and enjoying the company of your grandchildren. It was wonderful to meet you and reminisce. About the lower deck appendages, yes, they were legendary! You mentioned our good mutual pal JC, he who is the spouse of the long suffering Sura. as contributing to the quiz. Well done JC, one of few I know who disagrees with the statement "best seen and not heard" - unless in brightly lit surroundings! Out of jokes, It was a pleasure to have lunch at your place JC and your prawn curry was up to your usual standards, as Srianee would conform.

  16. Bunter,
    Iam sorry I contributed to your embarrassment! My comment was only because it was complimentary to you and the miniskirt question was not a serious one! Knowing your sense of humour I felt confident you would'nt take it amiss!
    Have fun with your family-

    1. Not a problem Rohini!! You were a really good sport to have performed that dance. I am glad you cleared up the mystery about the identity of the drummer who accompanied you at the
      block concert (Lucky W.) I think Speedy was beginning to think that he was having serious memory issues!