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Friday, March 24, 2017

Manohari Navaratnarajah Shanmuganathan

I just received this message from ND.


I have some sad news for you. Manohari Shanmuganathan, from our batch passed away 2 days ago in the UK. She was ailing for several years after a minor stroke and developed pancreatic cancer. I received the news from Maheswari Nadarajah nee Singarayer. Our condolences go to her husband and immediate family.


Nihal D A


  1. Lucky, Many thanks-
    I also saw ND's email to me bearing this sad news just a little while ago.
    It saddens me that yet another batchmate and dear friend has departed this world- I remember her with great affection from my schooldays through med school- the shared joyous moments together too brief. Thanks to ND I was at least able to communicate with her by phone. I last spoke to her just after Christmas 16 when she sounded much more cheerful than on previous occasions and was very grateful that I had called.
    I shall be in touch with the family at a time that is likely to suit them in UK. MAY SHE ACHIEVE PERFECT PEACE.

  2. It is sad to hear the passing away of Mano, whom I really got to know well only while working in the OPD in Colombo, General hospital. She was always soft spoken & gentle and well dressed.
    Several years later I had the opportunity to meet her at the reunion in London and arrange for her son to visit New York after graduation.
    Unfortunately she had been in poor health in the last few years.
    May she rest in peace.

  3. It was with profound sadness I received the news of the demise of yet another friend from our batch, the second this month. I remember the pretty girl that lit up our batch. Manohari was a quiet person who sailed through faculty exams. After her marriage they moved to the UK and raised their family. She was ailing for some years and bore her disability with great dignity being looked after by her husband with loving care.
    May she find eternal peace.

  4. It is indeed sad news. I haven't had any contact for a long time but can remember her as a very quiet and charming person. My thoughts are with her family at this very difficult time

  5. Manohari-a maiden fair
    Her carefree youth with us did share
    though often with a distant air
    of her kindness we were ever aware.

    A gentle soul,so soft of speech
    Well mannered,reticent,ever discreet.
    Shy as a doe,never into mischief,
    Her friendship was a treasure indeed.

    T'was sad we had to part our ways
    On reaching the end of our med school days
    Such is life- too short to waste
    May her spirit find eternal rest.

    1. A fine tribute honouring a close friend. A great eulogy for a worthy companion remembering times past in our long and tortuous journey through life.

  6. What a beautiful poem Rohini! I wasn't aware of your considerable poetic talents. Why don't you send some more to the blog? Please do.

  7. Mahen and Nihal
    Thank you for your kind comments-the least I could do!

  8. Yes, it is sad to receive news of yet another batch mate (as well as school mate) leaving us. Rohini, you did her justice with your beautiful poetic tribute, and I am so glad that you were in touch. Manohari was everything you described, modest, shy, well-mannered, not into any mischief, but very bright. I lost touch with her after leaving Medical College, although I did meet her at our London reunion. At times like this one is filled with regret, because I never called her. I was aware that she was unwell and sent greetings through her friend, Vasanthy, whenever I met her in Colombo, but I never called her. Rohini, may I share your poem with some of our classmates from LC?

    1. Bunter, Thank you-certainly you may share it though it is just a few lines written in haste as the thoughts surfaced.
      As for not calling Mano, there are so many things in life we wish to do ,but can manage only a few-so dont be unhappy-Rohini

    2. Thanks, I will follow your advice. Bunter

  9. I missed seeing this but it is never too late to add's one's voice to saying 'So sorry to hear this sad news' about Manohari.' When we discussed our departed members little did we guess that Manohari's name was not far away. It again shows where we are and reminds us 'do what you can for all your friends and loved ones, while you've got breath in you.' May Manohari's spirit live on and May here soul rest in Peace. from Zita