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Saturday, March 11, 2017

Winter Wonderland in Staten Island, NY

One by one, they are returning home after attending the Batch Reunion 2017 in Negombo. Some are still here - in Jaffna, Trinco, Anuradhapura, Minneriya, Kandy, Digana, Galle, Kataragama and so on. Indra Anandasabapathy has sent these beautiful pictures from Staten Island soon after he and Rani returned to NY.

You will soon see the Batch Reunion 2017 in pictures.


  1. Great winter scenery. Quite a change from sunny sri lanka.

  2. What is special is you personally took this,Indra, and they are fantastic to see. This amount of beautiful snow I have only seen in Christmas cards.
    Shows my travels are limited. Thanks to the Blog and credit to our members, we are seeing what happens in all parts of the world without actually travelling. Zita

  3. Lovely scenes of winter. It has its own beauty and benefits. Kills off bugs and bacteria. It is not a pleasant time for the old people. Great to hear from you Indra.

  4. When I met Pram just before she left for London, she told me that she will be meeting Zita and ND on Sunday. I want a couple of pics of the meeting to be posted on the blog.

    1. We meet on Monday. No problem will take a some photos. I think Rohini Abhay too will join. Not sure about Sunil A.

  5. The same gang of five once more to the blogs rescue.


  6. Lovely photos, Indra, but I am glad I am missing these next few snow storms. I hear there is about a foot of snow around my cottage in West Hartford. Someone else will shovel it away before I return, and that is fine with me. Zita, the snow lovely and romantic if you don't have to go out while it is coming down hard, blowing sideways, when all you can see is a few feet in front of your car (or nose, if one is walking). Now that I am retired, I have a different relationship with snow. I don't have to get to work on time and I can stay indoors, light a fire and enjoy the pretty snow flakes from inside my cozy home. But, I am happy to be in sunny (and rather hot) Sri Lanka for a few more days.