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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Creative Spot by Indra Anandasabapathy

Friends in Sarasota.


  1. Now I know where the herons have gone for the winter from Regents Park, London. Please remind them spring is in the air over here.

  2. I will, if I can get close enough.


  3. Don't worry. I asked Trump to tweet them

  4. Indra,
    These are beautiful photos -
    Herons are truly elegant birds I never tire of seeing.
    I had bookmarked a fascinating account of their habits and habitats a while ago on seeing some of our batchmate
    Chanaka Wijesekera's photos of herons over the Kandy Lake.
    I shall see how can get it to you-cheers

  5. The heron has a nice pair of legs but nothing like that of a certain person we know!

  6. Bird watching is not a pastime I ever engaged in. But I have friends who derive extreme enjoyment from it and their knowledge of birds is phenomenal. But even I can appreciate the beauty of this bird whose pictures Indra has taken the trouble to post on our Blog. Thanks a lot! from Zita