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Thursday, March 16, 2017

Batch Reunion 2017 (Part 6) - Banquet and Dance on Day 2


  1. Thank you Lucky.What an enjoyable and memorable night it was ; likewise all three days.

  2. Among Life's precious jewels,
    Genuine and rare,
    The one that we call friendship
    Has worth beyond compare.

    I was there with you guys in spirit moving swiftly in the ether watching the fun and listening to the chat.

  3. Lucky, thanks for taking the time to post these. It was a fabulous evening and a wonderful reunion.

  4. Wholeheartedly agree with sentiments expressed. For me this was the best reunion

  5. To the 2017 reunion organizing committee- Well Done and congratulations!
    Lucky, thank you for taking the trouble to get the photos to us
    non-attendees-was lovely to see our friends-RohiniAna

  6. Beautiful ladies, good looking men, wonderful friends and batch mates, it is so good of you to share these great photos with us and now I really feel part of this get together of a lifetime. It is truly generous of you to include us by sharing these fantastic photos! Zita