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Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Sunset in Florida - By Indra Anandasabapathy


  1. Breath taking photos Indra. The real thing must have been even more stunning. By a curious coincidence, you will soon see a post from Zita to which I too contributed and guess what, the theme is sunsets!

  2. Interesting co-incidence. Yes,the actual scene was more extensive and a wide angle lens would have done justice to its panorama, but, we would have lost out on detail. If you double click on the lower picture , which you probably already did , there is the moon rising up the sky. There are sunsets and sunsets, this one was special.

    1. Hi! Indra,
      Nice to see you,enjoying the holiday in warm&serene state of Florida.
      What a contrast in New York, with sub zero temperatures,nail biting blizzards.
      I,wished I migrated to US,rather than UK.I hated the violent society of US from my Medical School days.
      I,remeber your visit to Deniyaya with Desmond to say good bye to us before your departure to land of hope.
      Enjoy your retirement.

  3. Indra, these are lovely photos- I have said I shall give you some competition !!
    Can I ever hope to compete with glorious nature !!

  4. Fiery, furious, flaming sunsets! But equally serene and calming. They remind us that though the end of an era is near, life is beautiful and peaceful. Zita

    This you tube link will lead you to Beyond the Sunset by Pat Boone. Listening to it while watching these beautiful sunset scenes really brings one peace and joy. Just thought I'll add this to the discussion. Zita