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Saturday, January 27, 2018


As Zita has suggested, please listen to this while reading the posts on Sunset.


  1. Zita
    I like the song and the lyrics and is a reminder of 1960 when it was released and climbed the charts. We were busy with 6th form and preparations for Medical entrance. Not a nice time!! lots of uncertainty and tachycardia. The song was a panacea for the troubles ahead.

  2. Wonderful memories Zita and ND! Pat Boone is one of my all time favourites as I like his relaxed style of singing.

    This song is a Christian hymn about Heaven by Blanche Kerr Brock, Virgil P. Brock, and Albert Kennedy Rowswell. It was released as a single by Hank Williams under the pseudonym Luke the Drifter in 1950. It is often sung at funerals and one can understand that .

    The lyrics of one version are:- (many versions now).

    Beyond the sunset, O blissful morning
    When with our Saviour heaven's begun
    Earth's toiling ended, O glorious dawning
    Beyond the sunset when day is done.

    Beyond the sunset, no clouds will gather
    No storms will threaten, no fears annoy
    O day of gladness, O day unending
    Beyond the sunset eternal joy.

    Beyond the sunset, a hand will guide me
    To God the Father whom I adore
    His glorious presence, His words of welcome
    Will be my portion on that fair shore.

    Beyond the sunset, O glad reunion
    With our dear loved ones who've gone before
    In that fair homeland we'll know no parting
    Beyond the sunset forever more...

    This song was born during a conversation at the dinner table, one evening in 1936. Virgil Brock and some family members watched a very unusual sunset at Winona Lake, Indiana. Brock was with his blind cousin Horace Burr and his wife, Grace. His blind cousin excitedly remarked that he had never seen a more beautiful sunset.

    “People are always amazed when you talk about seeing,” Horace told Virgil. “I can see,” Horace replied. “I see through other people’s eyes, and I think I often see more; I see beyond the sunset.”

    The phrase “beyond the sunset” and the striking inflection of his voice struck Virgil so forcibly, That he began singing the first few measures. “That’s beautiful!” his wife interrupted. “Please go to the piano and sing it.”

    They went to the piano nearby and completed the first verse. Before the evening meal was finished, all four stanzas had been written and they sang the entire song together.

    1. Mahen, thank you for the history of this beautiful song .
      Lacking in one form of sensory input , may be he did have a different kind of extra sensory perception where he could “see” beyond what the normal eye could see . Controversial subject !!

  3. Zita, thank you - I love listening to Pat Boone - He sings so beautifully and there is always hope in his songs. I also like how he sings “Gold Mine in the Sky” (originally Gene Autry’s) , A-wonderful time up there, Wispering Hope, and How great Thou Art, to mention a few. Enjoyed it very much.