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Thursday, January 25, 2018

Sunset at Galle Face

In response to Speedy's request, I wish to post these photographs that I took with my cheap digital camera (in contrast to Indra's and Speedy's near professional job with sophisticated cameras) on 24th September 2017 for another purpose.


  1. Lucky,
    The pictures I sent are all I phone creations. I rarely use the large cameras anymore, except for wild life photography - when the telephoto lenses are useful. They are also too cumbersome to cart around.

  2. Well done Lucky. Like Indra, I find it too cumbersome to carry big cameras. Mine was taken with a Samsung Galaxy phone.

  3. Sorry for the error about the equipment. At least the professional competence of Indra and Speedy still stand.

  4. Lucky, I like the second photo- Sometimes when you are using a cell phone or iPad outdoors it is difficult to see what you are capturing owing to the reflection from above on the screen itself !
    Are these photos meant to be black and white or am I missing something or asking a stupid question?

  5. I stand to be corrected but I think they are colour photos. Am I right Lucky?

  6. Black and white or colour, I love the sea, I love sunsets, don't we all!
    So thanks for these. We would love to see more. Zita

  7. Thank you Lucky. I thought they might have been color photos owing to the very faint yellow glow in some of them. However, in my ignorance I wondered how you managed to get it virtually in daylight colors, and whether you had used a color filter ! Now I have figured out it is because your shots have been taken while the sun is still quite a bit above the horizon, and “scatter” of light occurs only as the sun gets to the horizon and after.
    I shall send you some info by email if you think bloggers might be interested!
    Thanks for these photos of our Galle Face and for keeping my old neurones
    firing !!