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Tuesday, October 24, 2017


The passing of Suren was a great shock to me as he was a v close friend.
I knew him & his family for more than 50 years.
His family knew my family too.
I first met him at the age of around 10 years .
I joined Ananda in the 4th standard & Suren joined later
At school we were good friends & we both went through the trials & tribulations of school life together.
We finally entered the faculty of medicine and both Suren and I ended up in Colombo.
After internship we met each other again in the UK When we both worked for the NHS
at St helier Hospital, Carshalton Surrey, for about 5yrs. I did Orthopedics while Suren & my wife Sirima
were in the A & E. Sweeni, Suren;s wife was doing nursing.
At St Helier we moved closely with each other

Suren was a v good Budhist & supporter of all Ananda College OBA activities.
Now both of us in retirement we moved closely meeting at personal social occasions &
at OBA & OGA Dinners & dances ,Suren & Sweeni were wonderful ballroom dancers.
At all the social occasions Suren will be missed.Their wonderful dancing will be missed.
May He Attain Nibhana
Sirima & I offer our deepest condolences to Sweeni & Rasika & family.

Sunil Abeysuriya

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  1. Sunil,I am glad you are speaking of all those years you knew Suren. I knew him during our batch years and found him to be a really good friend. I am only sorry I didn't keep in touch with him as we went along our separate ways, but as luck would have it, there was a mini reunion organised by Mahendra and Pram and that's where I had the chance to have a really long chat with Suren. He was so friendly, so wise and he looked really well. So much that it was a real shock to hear of his loss. His memory will for ever live as he has done so much work for charities and helped people along the way. So it's only just us friends who he has touched by his life. Zita