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Sunday, October 15, 2017

Death Strikes Again

I was really upset by the announcement of Suren's death. I can hardly say the words as he was so ok at the mini reunion Mahendra/ Pram organised. 

When I couldn't sleep I wrote the attached piece. Not sure at all if it is appropriate at this time.

I'll just let you both see it at this stage. I don't mind if it is published or not as we have to, may be lie low, soon after the loss of a friend.
I am ok with anything. If you both read it, even that's enough.
Thanks for putting up with me!

Sad but resigned on Suren's loss,


Death Strikes again

You struck again, dirty mean Beast!
Taking two friends and brother in a veritable feast
And then you stalked as though not enough
On Suren you dealt a blow so rough

Enjoying seeing innocents die
Letting loved ones pine and cry
When you took Ivor, my bro
You did it like a real pro!

No one knew just what had passed
‘Unknown aetiology’ it was classed
Until Genealogy and Police came
Luckily to none they assigned blame

You have a smiley cruel face
Striking down innocents almost in grace
Get away Beast nasty cruel
If not, there could be a duel!

Ok if it’s my last breath!
If I can strike down the Beast of Death!

(by Zita Perera Subasinghe)


  1. Zita
    Thank you for all your support for our batch and this blog through thick and thin for so many years. Your lovely poems engulf our hearts.
    Sometimes demon death is a welcome release from pain and suffering.

    1. You are quite right Nihal! Sometimes death is welcome but it almost appears that death choses the strong and good ones! I have another verse about it. That's for later!
      Nihal all we can do in these circumstances is 'stand together, help one another, and pass every minute of life in a fruitful way. Zita

  2. Interesting point. Is happiness the absence of sadness? Or does it stand by itself?

  3. Zita, With your usual poetic skill, you’ve expressed the bereavements you’ve been through in recent times.
    Please accept my sincere sympathy, and I hope the hurt won’t last too long.
    As for Suren, I didn’t get to know him at all. I could faintly recall him in Med school only because I offered him my condolences when I heard his sister had passed away.
    It is difficult enough when those who are near and dear to us leave this world, but when it happens suddenly and unexpectedly, it can be so hard to bear.
    As I have said earlier, my sincere sympathies go out to all those who are trying to come to terms with this loss.
    Zita, my sincere sympathy to your family too. Take care.

    1. Thanks! That's so kind of you, Rohini. When I lost my brother, I just felt like I was anaesthetised. He had not wanted to be in touch with any family member for years, but that didn't make it any easier. Rohini you are right about the way these things hit us when near and dear ones leave 'suddenly and unexpectedly' those are the key words. So all we can do is show our loved ones that we care, and however difficult they are, we must overlook that and even unilaterally show our love and care. Zita

  4. Dear Friends, I have been absent from the blog for a while because I was preoccupied with my granddaughter's visit. I wanted to make certain that she was adjusting well to the American high school and not too home sick. I am happy to report that all is well and that we are thoroughly enjoying each other's company. I was getting ready to check the blog and make an amusing comment about something when I received the email from Lucky about Suren's sudden death. It was a shock, and I was reluctant to check the blog and read everything that his friends have written, because that is when one has to deal with the reality of the event. Well, I have gathered up courage, and here I am:
    Zita, you expressed your anger and sadness beautifully. Suren was not sick and his death seems so unfair and premature. We were friends while in Medical College, because 'F 'and 'I' were not too far from each other. I think we were also assigned to some clinical rotations together. He was a lively character and was fun to have around. Once we left Medical College our lives took us to different places and we lost touch. We did see each other at a couple of reunions, including the most recent one last March. I am so grateful that I was able to spend time talking to Suren and Swini in Negombo. Each time I met Suren, it was just like old times! My deepest sympathies to Swini and family.
    Now I think I should pick up that phone and talk to friends who are still around...

  5. Srianee, you words about Suren and this whole saga of losing our near and dear ones is so like mine. When I heard of Suren's loss, I too practically somersaulted and was thoroughly shaken up. He is all that you mention. I don't have any bad memory relating to him during all those years. I am so happy to see so many or our batch mates and college mates coming out with lovely tributes, such lovely thoughts as every little helps. And let us make that effort to show people we care, while they can appreciate it. Hasn't our Blog been a boon to us in this regard? That's thanks to Lucky mainly. Zita