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Sunday, October 15, 2017

A very special e-mail from Upul who was three years our senior

Upul's wife Primrose was in our batch

U.D. Wijayawardhana

16:02 (22 hours ago)
to Swinime
Dear Swini,

I am very thankful to Lucky Abey for informing us of the sudden death of Suren. Primrose joins me in sending our condolences.

My mind went back to 1957, the year I entered Ananda College, when I first met Suren. Though we had not met for ages, I still remember the beautiful welcoming smile he had on his face.
He left this world in the best way a person can hope for but, unfortunately, it has left you with the most traumatic incident in your life and our thoughts are with you. May fond memories console you.

Deepest sympathies.


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  1. Upul and Primrose, it is nice that at a sad time like this when we have lost our wonderful friend Suren, I am able to address you both. I am so glad you knew Suren since 1957, Upul. He really is a good friend and wonderful human being. Let us just be glad we knew him during our medical days and even though we didn't meet up often, it all comes back to our minds now. I remember his cheerful, friendly self during our batch days. He and I were very good friends. I am so glad of it now. Zita