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Sunday, August 27, 2017

World Scrabble Championship

I received this e-mail from Sanath Lamabadusuriya. You will all agree that this is no mean achievement.

Pram and Rohini Ana have already sent congratulatory messages personally. So have I. But on behalf of our entire batch, I am sending our heartiest congratulations to Harshan. Sanath can certainly be proud of his son's achievement.

Professor Sanath P. Lamabadusuriya

22:57 (9 hours ago)

Dear friends,

I am happy to inform you all that our second son Harshan who is a Paediatrician in England, became the runner-up in the World Scrabble Championship which was concluded in England few hours ago,

Kind regards,



  1. Sanath
    What a great achievement. He has brought honour to our little Island paradise and to his family. Well done indeed.

  2. Sanath, I am absolutely thrilled and very admiring of Harshan and want to offer him my heartiest congratulations! I have watched him take part in Count Down and was very proud at that time of the way he performed. And then my mind goes back to seeing him as a young boy visiting your hospital with his mother. And I wasn't aware what great achievements lay afoot of him. Well done to all of you and I hope this will prove as encouragement to others that hardwork and diligence count. All the best from Zita and Joe

  3. Thanks Lucky and Sanath for letting us know. Heartiest congratulations to Harshan on his professional achievements as well as his World Scrabble Championship. I remember him as a young boy, visiting his dad as he worked in hospital in Galle, accompanied by his mum and I used to have a chat with him occasionally. Later we were able to watch his live performances in the Count Down programme on TV in the UK and can well appreciate this great height he has risen to in World Scrabble. It’s an example to all young people and I offer you, Sanath, our congratulations, and good wishes to Harshan in his professional life as a Paediatrician.
    From Zita and Joe

  4. Hopefully we have a world champ next time around.Sanath I am happy for you.