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Monday, August 14, 2017

Acknowledgement from Ramani Collure

Don Collure

11:58 (5 hours ago)
 to Lakshmanme
Dear Lucky,

I would appreciate it, if you could insert the note below into the group blog on my behalf.

Thanks.  Ramani Collure.

Thank you to all  Mahendra Collures  batch mates, for the kind messages and sympathy shared during  our time of loss.  We were deeply touched by your words of condolence.

In appreciation.

Ramani Collure, Nishani and family


  1. Lucky, so nice of Ramani to ask you to post her thanks on our Blog. Just another reason to support our Blog.

  2. Mahen and Lucky. I agree it is a great way to communicate, without trying to locate everybody's email addresses. I hope Ramani and the rest of the family are coping as best as possible.

  3. Bunter, Lucky & Mahen,
    All I can respond is to say 'AMIN'.... Amen in Arabic.
    I am sure 'Colla' is at a by far a better and happier place than us here.