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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Creative Spot - Speedy on the Keyboard

Speedy has sent in this youtube link to a recording he had done recently. I am sure you will find it most enjoyable, just as much as I did.

The song is "Oba Dutue e mul dine" sung originally by Dushan Jayathilaka.
Speedy plays and sings on a Yamaha Tyros 4.

Preview YouTube video Oba Dutu Tyros 4

As you can see, there is so much talent in our batch, but it's a pity that much of it is not displayed. Apart from Speedy's musical piece, Zita has been contributing regularly with her creative poetry. She is also a talented pianist. ND has been another "Regular" with his contributions, not forgetting Razaque's humourous sketches.

Speedy has also come up with the great idea of using our blog for creative people in our batch to post some of their work. As always, he is thinking of ways to inject some much needed new life to it. This I think is a good sustenance mechanism. You
will recall that I made a similar suggestion some time ago, but it fell by the wayside. Hence the need to repeat the plea. Speedy has gone a step further and suggested that all such contributions received could come under a common heading such as "Medgrad 1962 Creative Spot" or something like that.

So, please think about it and start sending in whatever you already have, or anything new that you can come up with..




  1. Thanks Lucky. My fellow mates, why not send some photos of paintings you have done. poetry you have written, sculptures, models- anything creative. It will give all of us a lot of pleasure. "Loving and Sharing"!

  2. Speedy
    That was brilliant. Your diction seems as good as in the old days. Send us more of your music to remind of those years long gone.
    If I may digress: On one my travels I was listening to Ambaruk sevanellay by CT to kill time on the plane which reminded me of those happy days of internship in Kurunegala and Tudor Wickramaratchchi singing after a booze with the boys. I remember going to see him when he was DMO Dambulla. Before I sat down he brought out the bottle of arrack and some "bites". Despite his volatile temper he had a heart of gold. He was my co-worker during the surgical 6 months of internship. He will do anything for a friend and he helped me on many occasions. I can say now after all these years that such loyalty is a rarity.
    May he find the ultimate bliss of nirvana.

    1. ND. No surprise to get a comment from you and of course I am delighted that you like my song. I just love music and love singing and I say this to all singers- it is the enjoyment you get and provide others that really matter. I shall post a few more in good time. I hope my idea takes off and Bunter, if you are reading this, please send one of your superb paintings to Lucky to publish in the "Medgrad 1962 Creative Spot". And about Tudor, it is nice to know that this big hearted but short fused man was appreciated and loved. - Speedy.