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Friday, August 19, 2016

Lakshman Jayasinghe in Sri Lanka

LS Jay (Specialist in  Radiology and Nuclear Medicine in Brisbane, Australia) and his wife Jecintha  are on holiday in Sri Lanka. They visited me yesterday (18 August 2016). Suren (GP in England) and Sweeny Iyer were also expected, but they couldn't make it yesterday.


  1. Good to see LSJ. Both are fuly stream lined I note!

  2. Speedy's comment came in double quick time. Of course, we keep our heads stream lined as we traverse this world in our last few years.

    By the way, Suren and I were the only two who qualified to enter the Colombo Medical Faculty from Ananda College in 1962. Three other classmates (WDH Perera, PG Cooray and the late UBY Abeywardene went to Peradeniya). However, there were other Old Anandians in our batch who caught up with us by getting in direct or had entered privately or through other institutions. They were VA Hettiarachchi, LGDK Herath, K. Sundarampillai, Punsiri Fernando, LW Perera, Sunil Abeysuriya and LPJM Wickramasinghe.

  3. That is why they are in the shade, Mahen. Must be too hot!!
    I would like to see Jacinta, hope she has not followed suit?? Last time I met you two was I think @ the Cinnamon Lodge in 2007. Since then a"lot of water has flowed under the bridge"
    Nice see you LSJ. How is Aussie?? Last I was there was to visit Maliq J. with my wife. She is his first cousin---- all in the family you know!!.
    We just missed you in Aberdeen as we went there after you in 1984.

    1. Raz, I do understand that desperation can creep in time of need but my sincere advice to you is to avoid bridges when you want to pass water, not safe, no, not safe at all! By the way, purely out of curiosity, where is this bridge? I must avoid it at all costs!

    2. Raz,--- your 'Substantial Friend'August 19, 2016 at 9:00 AM

      Thanks for your 'sincere' friendly advice, Mahen.
      This bridge is the Longest Rail Bridge in the world. I pass under this bridge almost daily on road below!!
      A sight to behold.... I mean the bridge!!.
      It is over the Tay Estuary.

    3. Yes. That is exactly what you said, you under the bridge!

  4. Great to see LSJ my old schoolmate. Like Peter Pan. Never grow old.

  5. Thanks for the photo Lucky-
    Nice to see Lakshman again-Have a great time in SL Lakshman!

  6. I am commenting in December, having read this again. What I want to say is that I am really interested to read the name of Suren. I have not met him since we qualified. During our course he was a really good friend to me. And I often wondered where he is. So Suren, if you read this, let me say a really friendly 'hello, howdy!' from Zita