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Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Creative Spot by Razaque Ahamat

My Four Girls in my life... My wife surrounded by my 3 daughters

My Dangling Bits in my Hanging Garden.


  1. Nice work my gardening friend.

  2. Thanks Indra,
    Good to be appreciated
    It's a case of,
    "You Scratch My Back, I'll Scratch Your Back"

    The first item was to be "3Roses--- not fags, by the way"
    The second... "Four Aces... Not fags again, 'My 4 Aces of my life--- My wife surrounded by my three Daughters"
    Few more phots in the pipeline as & when they come into bloom .. not wives & daughters!!
    Kind regards.

  3. Really beautiful pictures of flowers. Are your daughters and wife hiding? Couldn't spot them, even with a magnifying glass! I am a bit short of breath after watching these pictures as they were so breath taking! Looking forward to more gardening wonders.

  4. Raz,--- your 'Substantial Friend'August 10, 2016 at 12:46 AM

    PLEASE Mahen have an oxygen mask and a full oxygen cylinder and some one to call 999 at hand when the rest of OUR handy work is posted. We do not want you to come to any harm.
    As I always have said "FOR BLOG'S SAKE KEEP WELL"


  5. Razaque
    The cliche " a thing of beauty is a joy forever" still rings true. Never realised roses grow in the north pole but "every picture tells a story". It is lovely to catch-up after all these years. I hope we will have the good fortune to meet again.
    Life is never a bed of roses.
    A picture is worth a thousand words is an old Chinese proverb and yours show the calmness and the serenity around you.
    Warm regards

    1. ND,
      Mind the thorns in the bed of Roses.
      Can get 'prickly' in places that should be 'protected'!!!

    2. Also ND, the Roses do NOT grow at the end of a 'POLE' although the North Pole is just behind my 'backyard'.
      Yes, we should meet at some point. As we do not travel out of Dundee these days due to health reasons. If you & your wife happen to be anywhere near the North Pole, please do drop in for a good 'few' ..... Slangie Vars.
      You are welcome as I have intimated to Mahen as well.
      Of course any of my batch mates if in the vicinity are all WECOME.

    3. Well done, Razaque! Your beauties prove the love and care they received. They are luxuriously blooming, spreading colour and fragrance everywhere. Yes I can smell them! You adorn are blog with them. All the best from Zita

    4. Prince Razaque of Penang
      Thanks for the invitation to your very own castle. Will keep that in mind if ever I drift towards the north pole.

    5. Sita or is it Zita/Nita/Rita???, anyway,
      Thank you for your comments.
      I am not sure of the'fragrance'... I cannot smell anything at all, so much so, even when I 'Break wind' all in the room would leave holding their noses... not me--- and I wonder why they have left the room???
      I dread the blooming of my Lillies later in summer. The fragrance is intense, but it is the pollen that bothers me as I suffer from Asthma. Once had to be taken to ITU by Ambulance.
      Never learn!!!.

    6. The fragrance I talk of, Razaque, is not just of the flowers, Okay I take it hydrangeas don't have a typically fragrant smell. But you know how it is when you go into a garden, you just smell the outdoors, the breeze from the plants bringing you that feeling of 'it's good to be alive'. To be honest I won't be able to identify a flower fragrance from an non flower smell either. So let me just humbly accept what you say. Keep posting! We are really enjoying this. Zita ( I had to fight with 'Autocorrect'. OK I'll accept Rita hereafter if my batch mates choose to call me that. Rita Zita

    7. Thank you for your considered opinion and it is well appreciated, Nita.

  6. Razaque,
    Your roses are lovely
    Lovelier still that you liken them to your wife and daughters.
    Are the purple flowers Morning glory?
    Rohini Ana

    1. Nice to hear from you Rohini Ana.
      The purple flowers are in fact 'Trailing Petunias'. I had pink Morning Glory that I had eradicate as it was taking over my garden. Now I am told that 'Pink' Morning Glory is rare and highly prized in Japan!!.
      Ignorance is something we all regret on hind sight!!
      Kindest regards.

  7. Zita,
    There is a book - "Damn you Autocorrect" by Jillian Madison
    which is hilarious.Book No.1 was presented to me by my son a few christmases ago- I think a book No2 is due out, or may even be out now-