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Thursday, January 8, 2015

Life has to go on....

I was in two minds trying to decide when I should publish this particular piece. I mean resuming regular blog postings so soon after announcing the sad demise of Rajasooriyar. During the past couple of months, we have witnessed batch colleagues departing this world at an accelerated rate. That is to be expected when our age group is entering a phase in life when the natural process of ageing has to take its toll. Apart from Rajasooriyar, we have lost Punsiri, Arul, Priya and Lucien on the trot. But life has to go on!

It is in the months of December and January that most expats usually spend a holiday in their motherland. Thus we who are permanently in Sri Lanka, get the opportunity to meet and greet old friends, some of whom we have not met for ages. A grand lunch organised by Pram who by now has earned a reputation as a magnanimous and gracious hostess, was one such occasion. The venue was the poolside on the Mezzanine floor of her Hyde Park Residencies. The date was January 7th, the day before Sri Lanka's latest Presidential Election. Pram had invited her Methodist College classmates and medical school colleagues (mostly visiting expats on holiday).

I have selected a few pictures to give viewers an idea of what took place.

From the class of 1962
L to R: Chandra, Srianee (Bunter), Anton, JC, Harsha, Lucky, Sura, Pram and Rohini

From our senior batch
L to R: Lalitha Mendis, Narada Wijayatilake, Nalin Perera, Nilani Sugathapala Gajawira, Sam de Zoysa


Pram's Methodist College group with Bunter, Gitanjali (Sidath Jayanetti's wife), Chandra Silva and Shirani Thenabadu


Pram on extreme right. Standing in the background are Nihal Thenabadu (our senior) and Chris Simithrarachchi (our junior)

Rohini Abhayaratne & Anton Ambrose

Pram with Charmian Wijayatilake (Narada's wife) and Mangala (my wife)

The spread


  1. Indeed Lucky, life has to go on. Let me once again acknowledge the generosity of both Pram and you, who so often host us "live outers" when we come home. I know that the numbers involved in keeping in touch are not huge but it is only because of the two of you that even this takes place. Thanks very much for all your efforts. - Speedy -

  2. I wish I was there too to enjoy the friendship and the food. Anton Ambrose and Rohini Abhayaratne were in my group for a whole 5 years. Recall the case presentations, medical and surgical appointments. Where have all the years gone??

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