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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

An important note from "Speedy" to to all viewers

Please see Speedy's note below.

Hi Friends,
As you know, we have a blog site for our batch but only a few interact by writing a comment on a post. A lot of people said they don't know how to comment and I have helped our blog administrator Lucky to post instructions on how to make a comment.
Would you mind visiting  the blog and posting a comment on the post about "Visitors on holiday"? I want to see whether you could do it just by following the instructions given in the blog. This would help me a lot and if it is not clear or you run into problems, could you please come back to me stating the difficulty?
This link will take you to the blog.
PS: Users of the browser Safari would not be able to insert comments. (unless they have registered in the blog) but Lucky would be happy to add their comment on any particular post, if they send the comment to the email address given at the top of the blog or to Lucky's personal e-mail address. This applies also to anyone who wished to send a comment and are unable to do it through the means that I have outlined. 


  1. Thanks Lucky and a special thanks to Sriani, Srianee, Rohini and Patas who responded with successful posts. The Safari issue has been noted by other "Bloggers" and is due to the browser's settings and is unavoidable. But Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explore users can post without fear! Please either join the sute (click on "Join this site" - see right side) or send your comment to Lucky on email address above ( with note of which post you are commenting, and he will post it on your behalf. - Sppedy -

  2. Another tip for those looking for a past post. If you know a key word, that is a word that will point to the post, e.g, ND or Bunter or Obituary, you get the gist, just type that in the search bar at the top (under the initial introduction which goes like this - "This blog is about new entrants to the Colombo Medical Faculty of the University of Ceylon (as it was then known). Please address all communications to: may bookmark this page for easier access later. Header image: Courtesy Prof. Rohan Jayasekara, Dean, Faculty of Medicine, University of Colombo.". Just under that , there is a long white bar with "search" at the Right hand end. Just type the relevant word and click on search and all the posts which contain that word will be brought up, just as you would do in a Google search.

    Happy bogging! (sorry I meant blogging)

  3. Hi Speedy,I have managed to write short and quick comments into the blog but have always encountered difficulty as,If I hesitate for a moment the cursor flashes but doesn't let me continue to write and then I have to repeatedly press preview and edit to continue which takes a lot of time.-correcting any thing I write is just impossible - Is it because I am opening the blog from Safari?How else could I do it? I usually use my Apple iPad but checked using my laptop which uses Internet explorer as well and it still does the same thing.Is there a simple solution to this? Rohini Ana