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Friday, July 11, 2014

Reposting "How to post a comment"

Many viewers have been asking me why they encounter problems (like asking for a profile ID to publish a comment etc.). They also want to know why only Mahendra (Speedy) Gonsalkorala has been able to post comments on new postings. The explanation is simple. Being an expert on blogging, Speedy had found a way of doing it although my settings had not been the way they should ideally be. Therefore, I sought his assistance to clear the way for anyone who wishes to post comments.
I am very grateful to Speedy who lost no time in sending the following set of instructions for the benefit of viewers. We are doing all this to make this blog more interactive at a time we are closing in on our 50th Anniversary Batch Reunion.

I have helped Lucky to make some changes to the Colombo Medgrads Web Blog to make it easier to post comments.

There are several ways of doing this but the two most popular methods will be covered. I suspect most of you will be using Method 1 and I shall deal with it first. I have made it as simple as possible, not because I doubt the intelligence of users but to suit all types of computer familiarity.

Method 1

At the end of every posting by Lucky (e.g., Tilak Dayatane or English Countryside), you will see this:-  Posted by Lucky Abey (and time. e.g., 1:20am) followed by No comment if there are no comments or as 1 comment or 2 comments etc according to number of comments.

1.Now move your mouse cursor over the light blue  "no comment. or 2 comments etc" area and left click the mouse button.
You should now see "Post a comment " , with a boxed window where it says -"Enter your comment". Below that you will see-  Comment as and a small window which says - select your profile.(with small arrows to choose options on its right side)

2. Type your comment in the box.

3. From Comment as: Select your profile, choose Anonymous from the pick list which appears when you click on the little arrows by the side of the select profile box.

4. Make sure you give your name at the end of your comment as it will appear as an anonymous post.

5. If  you like to correct anything before it gets into the system or just like to preview it, click on preview. This will take you to a window where your comment is there and there will be a light blue "edit" area on which you should click if you want to edit.

6. Once you are happy, just click on Publish (again always with your Left mouse button), And that's it!

Happy posting!

Method 2

For those who have a Gmail address or Google address, after writing a comment as before, from Comment as:- choose Google from list. Then you will be taken to the Google login screen where you enter your email address and password.  Then your comment will be seen in the window and you will need to click on Publish. If you choose this method, your comment will appear with your chosen Google name (and image if you have added a photo) and not as Anonymous. 

Hope everything is clear now and let us see more and more people contributing with comments-



  1. Speedy,you are a genius,.well-done,fellow of the Royal College of Physicians


  2. Hi Sumathi. I am so pleased that you have started commenting and hope others will follow your example. Wish you the best. Speedy

  3. Thanks Lucky & of course Speedy.
    It is now all "CLEAR AS MUD"!!
    People..... watch out for another..." blast from the pas" from me soon!!

    Razaque... aka Raz.

  4. Comment is free but honest comment has its price. So please be gentle !!

  5. I appreciate you for writing this post. Points are stated thoroughly.

  6. There is no excuse now! We can all comment, we can all subscribe. The more the merrier!

  7. Thank you for this post. Keep it up. Hope to read more post from you guys.


  8. Thank you for posting some kind of information. It was really helpful since I am doing some research now.