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Sunday, April 8, 2018

Sardha Jayatilake Wijeratne

I heard from Kusuma this morning that Sardha Jayatilake Wijeratne who was in our batch had passed away 3 years ago. No one knew about it until Kusuma had by chance met Sardha's brother yesterday.

Sardha in happier times. A photo taken on our 2nd MB trip in 1963. From L to R: Vasantha Owitigala, Kusuma Jayasuriya, Piyaseeli Dolawatte, Sardha and ?Manel Sumanasena (Dental)


  1. That is sad to hear. I don't think I have seen her at any of the Reunions. When the name was said you Lucky, I could not recall who this Wijeratne was as the only one I could recall was Upali. Then it struck, after I deleted the Wijeratne from my mind. She was a quiet girl with a big smile, about my complexion. May she rest in peace.

  2. Thank you Lucky, sad news.
    May she Rest In Peace.

  3. So sad to hear the news. Sardha was a quiet girl whom I remember well. Since we left the faculty I have never heard her name or seen her and wonder where she lived and worked. Loss of friends is a recurring theme nowadays. May she find the ultimate bliss of Nirvana

  4. Thank you, Kusuma and Lucky for giving us this sad news. I too can add that I did not meet her at all in the last 50 years. Of course there are others I have not met but at least we hear about them, read about them on the Blog and elsewhere. Let me too offer my condolences to her family. Our time for keeping in contact with friends and batch mates is limited and suddenly the chance may be not there at all. I always think, I won't be there for long to talk to all of you. So I ask for Blessings on all of you and may your lives be happy and your loved ones healthy and every day of your life be memorable. From Zita

  5. I,already received the email from Lucky about the sad news.
    I,can remember Sardha very well.She was in the company female companions,most of the time.Speedy is absolutely right about her complexion and her wide smile.
    I,sure her whereabouts should have been known to the batch-mates who had done internship and subsequent appointments.
    My feeling is that,she decided to lead a quiet life,following her marriage.My feeling is that Sardha never wanted to leave her motherland.Surely,someone should know whether she left the medical profession,subsequent to her marriage.
    If,there is something called,rebirth, by now,Sardha is a toddler,loved by her new parents and the relatives.

  6. Yet again an indication of the value of our Blog. This photo came from the 2nd year trip post

  7. The post was on 26th January 2012. Here is the link

    1. Thank you,Speedy,
      Sardha is with a big smile in the photo.Both of us remembered her very well as a lady with a darker complexion with a big smile in her face,all the time.

  8. Thanks Lucky for sharing the sad news. I did try very hard to contact Sardha over the past 20 yrs or so but failed miserably.She was the MO in the Tyre Cooperation when her teenage son had a tragic death . Lost conciousness suddenly and was diagnosed to have had a fatal ICH. She cut herself off from all of us after that and would not respond to calls. Sardha & I were bridesmaids at Kusuma's wedding and I was very close to her. I do feel sad. May she rest in peace Suri