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Monday, December 11, 2017

A Terrific, Loony Season's Greeting

Terri- Luni dialogue of Season’s Greetings

Luni: I am used to going around you but I never thought of saying Hi!

Terri: I am so used to turning around my own self I often ignore you except once in a full moon!

Luni:  Without me you can’t function. I keep your waters in high and low tides.

Terri: Oh yes, a big lot that helps! How about when you made those Giant waves?

Luni: That was not my fault. That was because you cracked up in quakes.

Terri: So, you had no part in the Tsunami!

Luni: Don’t change the subject! How about your avalanches and earth slips, you terrible creature?

Terri: Whatever you say, I am the ones human beings love. They live here.

Luni: Sour grapes! They tried hard to land on me.

Terri: I have a Sunny friend who gives me light and energy! Your light is what is reflected off him!

Luni: Without Sunny, you earthlings will perish! But I can manage with my beings!

Terri: So you have ‘beings’?What are they? Bacteria? Our men who visited you couldn’t detect any other beings!

Luni: Incompetent, incapable idiots they were! They won’t find out my secrets anytime soon!

Terri: OK, OK! I only wanted to wish a Happy Festive Season and Prosperous 2018!
Luni: In fact, that’s the same reason I said ‘Howdy’! To wish earthlings a really Happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year!

Terri: That’s welcome! We have special beings here, have you heard of Batch 1962?

Luni: Of course! They are a brainy, witty bunch! I hear words, like ‘speedy, lucky, rohini, sumathi,nihal even professor and anonymous!

Terri: So, you want to wish them all?

Luni: Yes of course a Very Happy Christmas and a Prosperous New Year 2018!

Terri: Same from me too!

-Zita Subasinghe Perera– December 2017


  1. Simply brilliant Zita! Loved it and it made me smile. Thanks and all the best to you, and the rest of Batch 1962 from Speedy Gonzales, no longer the fastest, but still running!

  2. Zita , only you can do this with your vivid imagination and brilliance !
    It gave me a chuckle too ! Thank you

  3. Zita, this was brainy and witty! You are creative and continue to surprise us. I enjoyed it very much.

    1. Mahendra, Rohini, Srianee, sorry I took so long to accept your kind comments. It's just me being a bit loony, you see! But the wishes are sincere! And I hope you have the best Christmas season and the most wonderful New Year! And let's be back in big numbers on our blog in the new year! Thanks again, friends! Zita

  4. Posting on behalf of Vasanthy.

    16:32 (4 hours ago)

    to me
    Thanks for sharing Lucky. We oldies don't know about all these terminology but ever since I came to Aus for Christmas, all I hear is aKaPeLLe played on the iPad of my Grand son. He played the Official Pantatonix carols for me. They are the original group. Bunter's daughter's group are singing the same carols & that's why I think it's called Pantatonix cover. Bunter's group is really good. This type of singing has become a hit and all young ones are trying to do it without the musical backing. Sounds good too.

    Compliments of the Season to you!


  5. Thanks Zita for that wonderful "piece".
    Here's wishing all our batchmates and blogmates a very Happy Christmas, and good health and good luck in the New Year.
    Sriani Basnayake

    1. Oh Sriani, it's lovely to meet you on our blog. Thanks! I hope you are planning a lovely Christmas and that 2018 will be fine in every way for you and your entire family. from Zita

  6. Sriani -"The Time has come", the Walrus said, for an amusing contribution from Sriani B!

  7. Dear all, I can only say, 'Sorry I am so late to appreciate your comments and thank you all'! Well it's a busy Season, but I don't want to give lame excuses. What is important and matters of good will like saying Thanks, has to be done! I hope all of you had a good Christmas Season and that you are looking forward to 2018. Thank you for being there, friends, I am so privileged to have known you! Zita