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Saturday, December 9, 2017

Medical Dance 2017


  1. For the benefit of overseas colleagues, this SLMA event was held on the 8th of December at the Cinnamon Grand. Several bands were featured including "Misty", "Flame" and "Aura". There was a special guest appearance by Raymond Reed,(A Radio personality at Lite FM Sri Lanka). The occasion also featured dances by Joshua and Trisha Fernandez. Must have been thoroughly ejoyable.

  2. Lucky, thank you for this post - it’s nice to see our colleagues who continue to look ever so young and glamorous-
    Didn’t see you -Were you too busy taking the photos?
    Mahen thank you for the write up. Cheers

  3. Rohini does notice the finer details. Yes, someone had to do the "shooting"!

    I must have been one of the few who walked across to the "other side" and talk to those who were seated there. Almost all who were seated there SLMA members.

    On our side, almost all were guests from the Corporate sector who were sponsors. Mangala and I (along with Harsha and Eulali) too were guests of Pram who had 105 guests in all. She had also invited Kumar Gunawardene and Kanthi, but they were down with the flu. Pram was one of the Social Secretaries who had organised the Dance.

  4. Thanks for posting these lovely photos of a very recent event. I can't help noticing how young and good looking all our batch mates are. This is something I have noticed over a long time. Our batch mates are also very loyal and make an attempt to attend events. Long may this go on! Zita

  5. This is Zita. It was good to take part 'virtually' and see some of the happy scenes with familiar faces of our friends. How good you look! And how young! Thanks, Lucky, for taking the trouble to put up these photos as many of us will never get a chance to attend these get-togethers. So we appreciate the trouble you take. Zita

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