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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

On Holiday

A little note to let viewers know that Mangala and I will be leaving for Vietnam on holiday on Saturday July 1st and returning on July 8th. I might not be able to attend to blog work during this time. But please keep sending your contributions and they will be published in the order they are received.

Those of you who are involved in the Mini Reunion in London on June 30th are kindly requested to send in some pictures for publication. I would appreciate if one of you can also send me a brief note about the event.

Thank you.



  1. Luck and Mangala
    Have a great holiday and a safe journey
    Don't be on call for the blog !! Just enjoy

  2. Bon voyage,Blogger.Adios

  3. Enjoy your holiday Lucky and Mangala.

  4. There you are, as I suspected, "Anonymous" has made another appearance. So, you prefer to keep your identity a mystery?If not for the clues he provided, I would have thought of a complete outsider. Any viewer can make a comment. Anyway, thank you "anonymous" and thank you ND and Speedy.

  5. I shall repeat the e-mail I sent you earlier in the day.
    "Have a great time and enjoy your well deserved break, the two of you.
    Lucky for all the effort put into being the " Blog Controller" so effortlessly & efficiently.
    And, You Mangala for having to PUT UP with HIM and his antics.


    Farina & Razaque.

  6. Have an enjoyable time, Mangala and Lucky. If you are visiting Hanoi, do not miss out on Haylong Bay, where a James Bond film was made. Shoes are very cheap and I am still wearing a pair I bought about 3 tears ago.

  7. Have a wonderful time, Lucky and Mangala! The blog can await your return.

  8. Thank you Raz, Sanath and Srianee.

  9. You really deserve a holiday. Have a restful wonderful holiday, the two of you.
    See you in 2 weeks time.

  10. I did this just for you to see, but now the above comments encourage me to post it. With best wishes, from Zita
    All Credit to Lucky

    Our dear Lucky’s finally relaxing
    In a well-deserved mini break
    No calls, no emails or even faxing
    No one from him a grudge to take

    The job of running this batch Blog
    Is no joke, no walk in the park
    Nor is it just a hard slog
    As Editor, Lucky’s made the mark!

    Which makes him, stand out in a crowd
    Someone who can meet and greet
    The meek the mild the quiet the loud
    The way he does it, is indeed a treat!

    So, let’s gather, to do our part
    All batch mates from East and West
    It’s not too late to make a start
    To send in your effort, do your best!

    1. Great poetry, great message!

    2. Brilliant poetry as always. Very topical and straight from the heart.

  11. Well said Zita! Very appropriate! I hope this wake up call ,will rekindle a few.