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Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Colla's Obituary

COLLURE - DR DON BERTRAM MAHENDRA. Beloved husband of Ramani,​ inspirational father of Nishani and father-in-law of Mark,​ amazing Poppa of Joshua and Toby,​ brother of Dudley and Tilak,​ brother-in-law of Nalini,​ Dellani,​ Nilanthie and Kithsiri,​ son of the late Dr DCM and Patricia Collure,​ son-in-law of Sumana and the late Roland Wijewickrema,​ passed away peacefully in Wellington NZ,​ 31 May,​ 2017 surrounded by his loving family.068900

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  1. Does anybody know the origin and meaning of the word Collure? I recall teasing him as "Collure - kotta ure". He was of course Kolla to us although he had such a beautiful first name!

  2. I think it is a British name Collure. I recall the many times I said this to him and had a good laugh. He was a gentle soul. I cannot put into words the sadness I feel losing a friend like DBM. It must be that awesome force of destiny that prevented us from meeting after that last goodbye in the lobby of the faculty at Kynsey Road. His voice and laughter still echoes in my ear.

  3. I am sad to hear of another 'mate' passing on.
    His ever smiling face will be missed & never a cruel nor harsh word have I heard from him.
    The last time I et him was at the Gisborn Airport in NZ in 2005. I was waiting to board my flight back to Auckland after my annual inspection, review and 'whot not' at Gisborn GH. I saw him returning back from a flight. He was coming back from some Conference in Aussie. We had a 'long jaw' and he invited me to his home. Unfortunately was unable to accept his offer as Farina was coming from Bonnie Dundee on her regular &visits to NZ the next day as left NZ for good soon after.
    So that's that... at least had the honour to meet him and chat.
    May he attain Nibbna..... 7 Rest in Peace.