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Sunday, May 17, 2015

Interesting Experience at the Supermarket - Sent in by Razaque Ahamat

Sometime back, Rick Stein --- the Chef, published a book on his tour through India that included some interesting recipes he came across on his travels through that country.
I decided to buy Four (4) of these books for my wife and three daughters -- mainly as it was going at half price at  the Tesco Supermarket ---catch me not missing out on a bargain for a Christmas Present!!!
There was only one available on display, so I asked a Shop Assistant to check if there were any more in their backroom store. She came back with a trolley load and put them on display. I took 4 of them to the check-out counter and presented them. The cheeky girl at the till inquired why I need so many copies of the same book?? I said, without thinking, "they are ONE FOR MY DAUGHTER AND THE REST FOR MY THREE WIVES"!!!I
------instead of saying "one for my wife and the rest for my 3 daughters"
There was laughter among the other customers and this cheeky girl at the till replied with a smile, " you must have been very BUSY". Then I realised what I had uttered and got my composure back and said "that's how I fathered so MANY children ....I am a MUSLIM, you know!!" -- of course with a straight face and there was a blushing young girl at the counter..


  1. Razaque
    It is always good to hear of your perils and pleasures. I know food is never far way from your thoughts.

    The only thing I like better than talking about Food is eating.
    John Walters

      The only thing that is as good as or even better than SEX.
      ILLICIT SEX or the thought of it is about the BEST!!!!!


  2. I am speechless after reading those comments. Suffice it to say, Razaque, that I truly appreciated the laughs your jokes and comments provide. Cant' think of anything smart to say about 'Food' except something the girls at school used to say, 'If music be the food of love, play on!'