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Sunday, May 31, 2015

Dil Tadap Tadap | Lara's Theme (Live) - Shillong Chamber Choir ft. Vienna Chamber Orchestra

In case you have not seen and heard this before. I am sure you'll enjoy this.


  1. Thanks Lucky. I have not heard of this Group before. I listened to them on your link and through that on some of their other efforts and I really found them very relaxing and lovely to listen to. This is a great idea and I hope others will follow and post some more interesting links. I shall send you a few in due course.

  2. lucky,
    thanks for sharing this - enjoyed it very much- The lead singers sang so beautifully. Cheers

  3. Thanks! It's a lovely new oriental version of a well loved song The three brains in the stage decor gives a cerebral feeling.

  4. Beautiful rendition of two famous movie songs, one from the Hindi movie -Madhumati & other from Dr. Zhivago.
    Schillong is in the north eastern hills of India ( Wikipedia)
    Thanks Lucky. I had not heard of them before.