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Saturday, May 27, 2017

Creative Spot by Indra Anandasabapathy

Indra has sent two paintings of a dog called Sandy which had been their pet several years ago done in WATER COLOR. According to Indra, they illustrate two different techniques used in water color paintings. The DRY and the WET techniques, which here are easy to make out. Sometimes the painter starts with the wet technique where the paper is wet at the time of painting and then allows the paper to dry out before finishing the painting, using the technique to accentuate some areas. Water color is not an easy technique to master.


Oil on canvas

                                                                  OIL ON CANVAS.


    I guess Sandy got his name for his colour??
    Indra, Thanks for the info on watercolour techniques, and for
    illustrating the difference between the water colour on paper and oil on canvas.
    I can imagine watercolour would be hard to control unlike oils, from my miniscule experience of watercolour painting in school, and from seeing my mother use oils on fabrics.
    Rani and you are tempting me to try a new hobby though time is running short!

    1. Sandy was named after the dog in the Broadway musical ANNIE. Of course the color made the choice definitive for the children who had already seen the play.
      We were in a shopping mall one night & there was a pet shop there. There were several puppies and they all looked sleepy or depressed except for one , which wagged its tail at us and had a friendly bark. It was as if she was saying I want to go home with you, take me along. The owner offered to let the children to play with the pup, so he took her out of the cage & set her down in a little play area. The children & their mother wanted to take her home & went up to the cashier. I was not quite sure if I wanted to take the pup home. The result was a scene with the mother & the children tearing up in front of the cashier. As you guessed by now the four month old pup ended up in our home. She proved to be quite intelligent & hated when we packed our suitcases to travel. Her face would show her feelings clearly. She would
      also pose for a photograph or painting. Sandy passed away several years ago & received a very moving burial.

    2. Indra, Thank you for the touching account of how you acquired Sandy and how it got its name. I can just picture the scenario- and am not surprised - Iam sure you came to love Sandy yourself , though you were initially out-voted.
      Now Rani has immortalized it.

    3. I did love Sandy very much. She was a very smart & affectionate dog. Her departure was very traumatic. Animals have a way of getting to your heart.

  2. We are truly fortunate to have Indra and wife Rani in our midst, on the Blog. Sandy shows real personality. His mood of impatience and his attitude comes through clearly in the water colour, while he looks more settled in the oil on canvas. The detail in the latter is phenomenal, his colour, his fur, oh he is speaking to us! Thanks Indra and Rani, you have made Sandy immortal. From Zita

  3. Indra,
    Thanks for sharing Rani's lovely paintings with us. I like the portrait of Sandy with the tongue hanging out! Very expressive! I agree with you that watercolor is a really difficult technique to master. One has to be quick, and one wrong stroke can ruin the painting. That is why I like puttering about with oils. When we were kids we had a dog named Sandy too (a golden retriever mix). He was a very lovable guy. Our most recent canine family member was a tricolor Pembroke Welsh Corgi named Bandit, who was acquired by my younger daughter, but became my dog after she left home for college. He even traveled with me to Indiana, Iowa and North Carolina (on airplanes!) when I was doing locum assignments for a while. Sadly, a canine companion is out of the question now, because of my long periods away from home.
    Yes, Rohini, you should try painting sometime soon. It is never too late.

    1. Thank you for the interesting comment,Srianee. What a coincidence - another Sandy .
      The children want the dog the most, but they win you over too, the children leave home and the pet dog comes under your
      care- sounds familiar.
      As for the water color I used to dabble in it years ago as a child. I have seen Rani work on water color in recent times, & it is not her favourite medium of expression.

  4. Srianee, you have done better than most of us. In my case we travelled from place to place so much, having a pet was out of the question. During a few years stay in SL, we adopted our lovely cat Renee who was left abandoned . She was adorable. She would sleep on my pillow. Oh, leaving her was terrible. She seemed to understand that we were planning to give her away and she would hide. So the final parting was heart breaking. Even now a tear comes to the eye when we think of her. I'll try to post a photo of her on the blog.

  5. Sandy had to be put to sleep by the Veterinarian, to put her out of her misery. We had informed the children who were in Manhattan,our old house help & Ranis cousins who lived a few miles away . They all turned up. The children , Rani & I were at the Vets. Was it sad? Yes.