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Friday, April 14, 2017

Creative Spot by Indra Anandasabapathy


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  2. This photo is worth more than 1000 words. It is nature, It is beauty it is magic, Ah! There I go. I said 'better than a thousand words'? So let me enjoy in silence----
    From Zita

  3. Gorgeous!
    Thanks Indra

  4. Indra, where did you take this photo? Do you have a peacock in your backyard? Anyway, it is a great shot of a majestic bird.

  5. A very proud BIRD , who put on this show for me, who was only about 5-6 feet in front. He then turned around to show me his back too. You won't believe that but wait for the picture.

  6. No, Srianee I do not have the bird in my backyard.