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Thursday, May 18, 2017

Creative Spot by Indra Anandasabapathy

Poppy & Digitalis - oil on canvas

Still life with fruit - oil on canvas


  1. Has Rani exhibited her paintings or won competitions? I am sure she would if she does.Great talent!

  2. Rani's 'still life' are masterpieces- I had suggested to Indra a while ago that they are worthy of being exhibited.
    I love the still life with fruit - it does have a Vermeer-like quality with the sun playing on the table. Great work Rani-

  3. Thank you, Thankyou, Indra and Rani! That, I want to shout! In the first picture, I am looking at the beauty of the poppies and not just the chemical use of the plant. Rani's 'Still Life's tend to be masterpieces. It is solid and realistic. The lemons are sulking, the pumpkin is resigned and the tomato is saying, 'Hey guys, we are going to live forever! 'And so they will. And Rani 's talents will go down history. Zita

  4. The poppies & foxglove are from the spring garden a few years ago. I cannot take credit for the lemons & the cantaloupe ( a melon ) - they are from the local super market. This painting got accepted to an exhibition in Florida a few years ago, but did not win any awards.

  5. Well, I am not surprised! Florida knows quality when they see it! Well done to you both. We never tire of seeing Rani's creations. You can buy a cantaloupe melon from the supermarket but it needs a true artist to give the real life effect lying next to other objects in a dimly lit surroundings which gives even more reality to this art work. I can talk for ever! Zita