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Sunday, May 14, 2017

Creative Spot by Indra Anandasabapathy

Weeping Norwegian spruce. White Dogwood and Azalea in the background.

This one is done with acrylic paint. It dries faster, which also means that work on the picture has to be done quicker than with oil paint. You may have already observed that the surface is relatively dry compared to the next painting which is executed with oil paint.

Still life with tangelo,pear and peach (Oil on canvas)
Note the sheen with the use of oil paint (Oil on canvas)
Still life with oil on canvas.Vase, with onions and garlic. Note the sheen. There is also light bouncing off the canvas into the camera.


  1. Congratulations Rani, What brilliant talent! You should become a professional.

  2. A great talent, no doubt about it. Well done Rani!

  3. Lovely paintings! I particularly like the still life paintings with the effect of the light - Vermeer like! Good job, Rani.
    BTW, guys I'm sorry I was 'away' for a while. I received a gentle nudge from Rohini Ana, which was a good thing. Feel free to nudge me into action if I disappear.

    1. That is a paradox Srianee. How can we nudge you if you have disappeared? Anyway, nice to see you back!

    2. You may have to perform some Harry Potter style wizardry!

  4. Indra, this lot is a real treat!
    Your photo of a Weeping Norwegian Spruce is like one is there in person. Then the still life oil on canvas of pear and peach is so real that one wants to touch it! And the light has been so well captured there is a real depth effect. So nice! Of course, the Sunflowers, is one of my favourites as we had the chance to see another one earlier. The onions and garlic haphazardly thrown next to a robust vas is truly realistic. This is the work of a great artist. Thank you for sharing these masterpieces with us. Zita

  5. Indra,your garden is beautiful and so are Rani's paintings.
    As I have said before she is very talented - my favourite is also the last
    one - very professional . " Vermeer like" indeed as Bunter said.
    I am pleased they have appeared in the blog for all to see-
    Many thanks Rani and indra

  6. I hope our members know that one can click on each photo to magnify it. I just did and looked at the Fish picture again (oh dear, I even feel the word 'picture' doesn't do this art justice.) Well the fish seem to have a conversation when I looked this time. They seem to say sarcastically, 'They think we are trapped. But it's they who are trapped, they can't resist looking at us. We are going places and being looked at by these earthlings. Let's enjoy ourselves looking at their surprised and amazed expressions!'