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Thursday, September 15, 2016

Creative Spot by Mahendra (Speedy) Gonsalkorale

This guy's in love with you

I thought you might like a little change from Nature's wonders to some music.
This is a Burt Bacharach song sung by me to Karaoke Music.

Burt Bacharach is an American composer, songwriter, record producer, pianist, and singer.  I am sure he will be familiar to many of our Batch Mates for such popular songs like- Always something to remind me, Walk on by, Make it easy on yourself, Alfie, I'll never fall in love again, Raindrops keep falling on my head.

Hope it will go down well.



  1. Not sure who you are, the one who writes in French, but thanks for your good wishes and may I wish you the same -je vous souhaite la même

  2. Mahendra,

    I think you missed your profession?


  3. Mahen,
    It was another great effort on your part.
    Carry on & best of luck all the way.
    I am really getting irritated with this stupid bloody froggy French that is been posted in the Blog. If they so wish they can do so on a croaky froggy medium forum. No wonder there are only a few of us regulars contributing on this Blog.
    I know for sure at least one of our batch has told ME that he/she is not that fluent in English & therefore a bit reticent to contribute for fear of being ridiculed!!. Also I know of at least ONE mate who will CERTAINLY do so. So, what joy for these mates who have been 'cut off'/ excluded from this great forum for being reluctant to express in English let alone croaky /froggy French???
    Sorry Mahen I am speaking my mind out.

    1. Razaque, your frankness and openness is one of your many endearing features! May you always be that.

    2. Thanks Mahen.
      In fact yesterday @ Friday Prayers @ the Mosque I nearly got thrown out & possibly physical harm or even more???.
      I sadly feel that this great forum will degenerate into a small coterie of back slapping show-offs that will certainly alienate our batch even further.
      Yes, I am myself considering it seriously &
      if I do not express my thoughts..... I am HYPOCRITE..

    3. In fact Mahen, I wonder if I could go back to that particular mosque EVER AGAIN??
      I might become "A born again MY OWN FAITH".. ONLY have faith in the ALLMIGHTY... and no religion.
      Its no fault of the religions ...but pity about ALL its followers.

  4. Vous parlez francaise? Bien! Je parle un peu. Mais je me sens timide pour écrire.

  5. I like the song, Mahendra, and I like the above comments. You do always present something unique on our Blog. And now we can even comment in another language. Tres bien, mon ami. C’est formidable !

    1. Zita, sorry to digress-
      Have been waiting to catch you on the blog just to thank you for alerting me to Paul Robeson singing "trees"on an earlier posting.
      I did enjoy it- great Guy! thanks

    2. My pleasure, Rohini! You started it and so it is only right that we who appreciate your posts add a little more of our own to it. This particular song of Paul Robeson takes us right back to our school days, and it is really nice when our blog entries take us back to our past. We look forward to more! Rita/Zita (do pardon this intrusion by 'autocorrect'. I am not even entitled to my old name anymore. But who cares eh? )

  6. Mahen, beautifully sung- I also enjoyed the brass in the background.

  7. Thanks all my friends for your lovely comments. It is always nice to know that my effort was not in vain! Rohini, that was Herb Alpert's golden trumpet in the background.

  8. Thanks Mahen, I suspected it was.
    Nice to have it confirmed-cheers