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Friday, September 2, 2016

Sanath Lama with old friends on his recent travels

The photograph with Lakshman Karaliadde was taken at the Grosvenor Hotel in London in June 2016. He is a retired anaesthetist (old Trinitian from the 300 batch) who is based in Kandy and spends part of his time in England. In August 2016 I went on an Alaskan cruise from Seattle in the US and soon after, participated in the International Congress of Paediatrics in Vancouver. This event is held once  in 3 years and this year the venue was Vancouver. There I met Chandran Thiruchittampalam, old Royalist, ruggerite who played for Royal, captained the University team, played for CR&FC and Ceylon. He is an engineer by profession and  worked for the Canadian Foreign Ministry and served in the diplomatic service for many years. His sister is married to the well known surgeon, Dr. Yoheswaran.

At lunch with Darrel Lieversz and Michael Van Dort in Melbourne in May 2016


  1. The CHANGING PHASES of a face --- like the moon!!.
    One with a beard & pipe -- like the full moon & having a 'pipe dream'!!
    Another .. with beard but NO pipe... half moon?
    The other -- NO pipe NOR beard .... Total Eclipse???.
    Most probably .... ON THE "WANTED LIST"????

  2. Darrel Lieverz is easily recognisable. His features haven't changed much although he has scored more runs! (Raz has put it more elegantly!) I clearly remember him running in to bowl at Royal and also doing the 440 yards as an athlete (and 220?). Nice chap- well loved and respected.

  3. Darrel was an excellent sportsman. He represented Ceylon in cricket and athletics. He broke the longest standing national track record; in 1962 he broke Dr HMP Perera's (paediatrician) record for the 440yards, created by him in 1948. He holds a Ceylon national record which would never be broken i,e. 440 yards,because since then we went metric! Darrel ran through the Pakistan test side captained by Javed Burki in the early 1960's and we won the match. He comes from a sporting family. His father DWL Lieversz Sr.(electrical engineer), brother Brian represented Royal in cricket, rugby and athletics. His cousin,Eardley captained the Royal cricket team in 1969 and we won the Royal-Thomian that year, (that was the first time I saw Royal winning our big match)Eardley is the oldest living winning captain of the Royal Thomian.Unfortunately, Darrel's sporting carrier was cut short by him taking over planting There are several other records too numerous to mention.
    Michael Van Dort represented Royal at Rugby and swimming.