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Monday, September 5, 2016

Group Photograph of Ratnapura Doctors

Can anyone identify the 18th person in the standing row, and also the 4th, 8th, 9th and 10th (seated)?

Standing Left to Right:  DM de S (Jonah) Jayasinghe, Indra Anandasabapathy, Chitta, Sidath Jayanetti, Mahendra Collure, Mulgirigama, Jaimon, Harsha Samarajiva, JG Wijetunge, VPH Rajapakse, MBSL (Sarath) de Silva, Mahesan Richards, Desmond ( CD) Gunatilleka, Bertram Dias, Lucian Perera, Irfan Hassan, Issadeen, Sumathipala, Kitha Wimalaratne, Nachinar Kinian.

Saeted (L to R): Srianee (Bunter), Piyaseeli Dolawatte, Roshnara, ?......., ?.........., Ramani Ponniah, Sathananthan, ?........, Alahendra, ?........., ?........., Padmini Gunawardene, Rohini ?, Rani Karalapillai.


  1. I am afraid I failed to identify the culprits Lucky. May be they are from a different batch?

  2. My sight is 'fadeinh'... but one of them is certainly Maliq Jaimon. I visited him there.

  3. Srianee or Indra should be able to tell us whether Jaimon did his Internship in Ratnapura. I am sure they will also be able to name those unidentified figures.

  4. I am absolutely certain that Jaimon did his internship there as I visited him with his parents and stayed with Jaima for 2 days while his parents returned to Colombo. The Doctor's Residence... a house, was a bit away from the main Hospital.
    A few months later he returned the compliment & visited me in Chilaw.
    Good memories do not fade away.
    Bless his soul.

  5. No doubt about that. He has already been identified (7th from left standing).

  6. I note 24 gents and 10 ladies. The Gents are real gents as they offered the seats to the ladies.

    1. Yes Speedy, they were true gentleman! Some of the people in the front row were senior house officers, registrars, etc. (I forget the exact titles we used back then). It is sad that several people in this photo are no longer with us. I have fond memories of one of them, Alehendra, who was always willing to give a ride to anyone going to Colombo for the weekend. His small car was packed every Friday night. The HO quarters could not accommodate all of us. Padmini G. Roshnara and I were given a suite at the nurses quarters, which was very comfortable, but we had to follow their rules. Jaimon, Sidath, Mahesan, Harsha and others lived at the "Villa" on the hill, where they had no rules!

    2. Hi,Srianee,
      the missing links in the puzzle with regard the front row,from left to right,number4 is Vinitha Perera,Peradeniya grad,who married WDH Prerea-later became a Dermatologist.He is a friend of Lucky Abey and from the 1st batch,Peradeniya.The 5th person,I think is Dr.T,T.Kasturirathna.There was a Pathmanathan-co-SHO to Sathanandan,who could be the one before Padmini.
      Sorry for the long delay,as I was not into the blogging game in 2016.

  7. Vraiment j'ai le plaisir de visiter votre blog.