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Sunday, September 11, 2016

CoMSAA 2016

                                              From the batch that entered in June 1962
Left to Right: Revo Drahaman, Lalantha Amarasinghe, Pramilla Senanayake, Lakshman Abeyagunawardene and Sanath Lamabadusuriya.


  1. Good to see all of you enjoying yourselves. There was a video clip on Facebook of Joe Perera entertaining the audience singing baila.

  2. Wish I was there!!!

  3. Lucky. Thanks for posting the picture of the "Famous Five"!

  4. This is the late Zita again! It's great to see our lovely batch mates and recognise them in the crowd and one feels as though one has been there in spirit when one sees them enjoying themselves. I can almost hear the music! Thanks for posting these great photos!
    Cheers! from Zita