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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

More on the Meththa Foundation

I think our viewers have got enough and more. This correspondence is now closed.


Mahendra Gonsalkorale

Attachments02:23 (5 hours ago)
to me

Dear Lucky,

I am very pleased that Sanath has given more details of the Meththa Foundation.

Could you please do this post from me also.

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

You have seen a lot of the Meththa Foundation and I make no apologies for doing my best to help them. Actually seeing the Amputees and the dedicated work force was very moving and powerful. 

Santath has very kindly posted more information on the Meththa Rehabilitation Project.
I want to emphasise the relevant links to Websites and the Bank details for donations or standing orders.

There are two websites worth looking at  

The Bank details are
Hatton National Bank, 
Cinnamon Gardens Branch, Account number 07601009438

The Meththa UK account details are:-  ( A standing order could be arranged)
sort code: 40-11-18
Ac Name: Meththa Foundation UK
Ac no;  04456173

I have attached a copy of the Guest Lecture he gave at the 2015 Anuradhapura Clinical Society held jointly with the SLMA and the SLMDA of the UK in October which I attended.

Just to give some idea of scale.
Maho managed  729 users  in 2014 and 463 users from 1.1.2015 to 31st July 2015

Mankulam had 552 from May to July 2015.

Pana himself has arranged to collect unwanted prostheses from UK (they have plenty of discarded ones which can be used for spare parts and adaptations) and ship to Sri Lnaka.

The limbs he turns out with his ingenuity are actually more functional and of the highest quality. The cost of a Below Knee prosthesis to be made in Sri Lanka is about £140 (in the UK it is about £750) and an Above Knee is about £152 (£1500 in the UK). As you can see he makes maximum use of resources and the limbs are provided free of cahrge. Up to May 2014, about 1800 prostheses were provided.

(Lucky, I have attached the AMS report as a pdf and as a JPEG and you can choose the most appropriate.

I have also attached a few pictures of his Team and 2 with patients, one a delightful little girl who was the victim of a landmine. I do hope you will be able to post it.)


  1. Thank you all for enlightening me on this great generosity by Dr.Panagomuwa( I cannot place him) on this most needy project for the innocents victims caught up in a war that benefitted no one, but only caused mayhem & misery to many.
    I have taken note of the Banking details and shall do the needful soonl-- "put my money where my mouth is"as soon as I am physically able myself!!
    Also I shall 'rope' in my son & daughters to take note of this great need.
    Thank you,
    Dr.Razaque Ahamat

  2. Luckey,
    Could you please let me have the banking details in SL for this worthy cause so that I could help out at that end.
    Thank you 7 kind regards.

    1. LUCKEY,
      Do not bother to send any banking details and ignore the above.
      Sorry I did not read properly the original posting as all the Banking details are there in UK & SL!! ----- getting OLD!!;
      Have already done the needful..

    2. Thanks so much Razaque, you are good man.

  3. Sanath,& Srianee (Dias)
    Not forgetting you in 'exposing' this needy Project to us -- who were blissfully unaware on the needs of these innocent victims..
    Thank you.

  4. Lucky. Thanks for being patient and publishing my last post. I accept your view that this matter has been sufficiently aired and correspondence on this is now closed. Thanks again to all those who contributed to the discussion and let us hope that some have been moved sufficiently to directly help Meththa in any way they can.

  5. When Srianee(DIas) brought up the issue of "Care of the Elderly" in SL, yours truly spotlighted the issues of other Medical and non- Medical condition that needed a lot of care & this issue had been out of the radar. Also then it was highlighted the issues of the War victims of all ages that needed support with prosthetics for life and had been ignored & put in the 'back burner' to say the least!! I am now glad,( but was oblivious) that Pana had taken it on to himself to address this issue cutting across communal, religious, caste, creed and class barriers. Also the rich are excluded from this as they could fend for themselves -- even get prosthetics when Viagra had failed!!!
    This laudable 'enterprise' should be supported by all ABLE people in every way they could.

    Razaque Ahamat.