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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Limb Fitting Centre - Meththa Rehabilitation Foundation

Sanath has requested me to post this on the blog.

Professor Sanath P. Lamabadusuriya

14:46 (1 hour ago)
to bcc: me
Dear Friends,

I wish to bring to your kind notice a very laudable venture initiated by Dr B. Panagamuwa and continuing to function well,He was a colleague of mine at Karapitiya where he was Senior Lecturer in Surgery and my front house neighbour.In the early days at Karapitiya, he was responsible for stitching a mosquito net for us, installing 3 phase wiring for our electric cooker and replacing the front shock absorbers in my car! He also helped in the carpentery and plumbing of the students laboratory at Mahamodera. He emigrated to England with his family around 1990 and gave up surgery so as to specialize in limb fitting. He spends quite a lot of his time here concerning a very special project as he retired from the NHS few years ago.

He started a limb fitting center in Mannar after the war. Hundreds of civilian victims were provided with artificial limbs, walking aids, wheel chairs etc., and they were rehabilitated He used to import container loads of various appliances from the UK for this project. The Tamil medical diaspora were the main sponsors at that time
Later he set up a "state of the art" facility in Maho, in the North Central Province, close to Anuradhapura. I visited the facility few weeks ago and was impressed by the facility and the work that is going on. A person had been trained at the Salford University in UK for this work and he is working in Maho. Another person is being trained in Salford. Pana has devised a method to recycle plaster of Paris as a cost saving exercise. The patients who are currently being treated are victims of road traffic accidents and diabetes.

He has set up a similar facility In Manukulam in the North. He has purchased a bus and runs a mobile clinic as well.

He has started a charity named "Meththa  Rehabilitation Foundation "to fund this work. The monthly running costs are about Rs. 700,000.00. After visiting Maho I decided to join the Meththa Rehabilitation Foundation and placed a monthly standing order with my bank. I appeal to you to support this venture in what ever way you can. The bank account details are Hatton National Bank, Cinnamon Gardens Branch, Account number 076010094381. If you get an opportunity please visit this facility in Maho

Kind regards,


(Sanath P. Lamabadusuriya)


  1. I must thank Sanath for his posting about the Meththa Project. A group of us in the UK have been supporting this most worthwhile project for a few years by making monthly contributions as well as running events to raise money and awareness. Pana is an unique individual and I have never come across a more selfless person. What Lama has not mentioned are the personal sacrifices Pana has made towards this. In the early days of setting this up, he traveled to and from from UK to SL at his own expense and invested a lot of time and his own meagre finances. He took early retirement from his post in the UK in order to devote more time.Even now he does not accept any remuneration for his work. In the early days, as Lama said, his work was concerned mainly with the War amputees in the North as the Army personnel did not need any extra support as they were well looked after. I have visited the Centres myself recently and it was very moving experience that I shall never forget.

    I am happy to say that the collaboration with Salford University was made possible through his Manchester supporters. With Lucky's permission,I am going to send an article with a bit more detail about the project. Thanks again Lama.

  2. Lama and Speedy, Thank you for this information about Dr. Pana and the Meththa Rehabilitation Foundation. It is another example of good work being done by enterprising individuals without much fanfare, and certainly seems like one that deserves our support. I will be happy to spread the word among my friends in the U.S. People who may be willing to support will probably want more information. Do you know if they have a website? Only a few of us will have the opportunity to visit the Centers in person. Thanks again.

  3. Srianee, Thanks for that very positive response as I would have expected from a person like you! I am sending Lucky a post about the Meththa Foundation and the sterling work it is doing. Watch this space!