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Saturday, December 19, 2015

Creative Spot by Mahendra (Speedy) Gonsakorale

Mevan Pitisere (Originally sung by Sunil Shanta)

English Translation provided by Vasantha  De Silva and his wife Kanthi.

Living in this poor little hut in a remote village 
You are my sweet loving wild flower

Away from you little princess, where is my pleasure
Wild flower, you are my loving dove
You are the light in my world of love
And I will forever be in your loving arms

Slender waist wrapped in a pink Saree
With a matching lace-top
Scented oil rubbed on your hair
With rings of jasmine buds around 
Will make you the most beautiful

Two delicate bracelets around your pretty wrists
And anklets around flower like feet
A red scented spot (Bindi) worn on mid forehead
Will make you pretty as Goddess Saraswathi


  1. Mahen, Thank you for the music and posting the translation of its lyrics. It took me back to a bygone age when this was a favourite heard regularly on the airwaves of Radio Ceylon. Music reminds me of people and places. The people are now gone as are the places that have changed beyond recognition. What remains is the music to be revived by people like you for seniors like me to reminisce the youth lost in the fog of time.

    1. ND, I appreciate your taking time to post a comment. Thanks very much and I am so glad that I am able to provide something which gives joy to others. These old masterpieces are wonderful beyond words and the more I read about Sunil Shanta, the more I appreciate the man.

  2. Your GS Friend RazaqueDecember 20, 2015 at 11:02 AM

    Thanks Mahen.
    Singer, producer, artists may have long gone, but the song goes on forever. These songs bring back fond memories and a 'twang' in ones heart when heard after a lapse of time & joys that are rekindled take you back.
    Thanks again Speedy.

    1. Thanks to my Gentle S Friend Raz the Daz. I agree.Music is one of the strongest stimuli for memory associations. There is a song of the 70s which recreates in my whole boy the feeling that I experienced when I first came to England. The same applies for some connected with romance!

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  4. My first comment had problems in publishing and now I am back to say to Mahendra: well done! Beautiful song, so well sung! You bring back memories of a much appreciated singer of our childhood years, Sunil Santa.
    from Zita