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Monday, December 7, 2015


Before I publish this latest post, let me offer my own heartiest congratulations to Speedy. I am doing so at a time when our own batch blog is closing in on that magical figure of one million "hits".

As I have stated before, Speedy is my adviser and it was his idea to introduce the "Creative Spot" category on this blog. He has also been the most regular contributor to that category, and together with ND, among the most prolific contributors to the blog in general. It was just the other day, that I posted his version of "Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow". But it has been on You Tube for a while longer. This is how I heard the good news.


Mahendra Gonsalkorale

Attachments5 Dec (2 days ago)
to .......
I am really chuffed and I hope you don't mind me wanting to shout out and say "Yippee"! This is the first time any of my songs topped 1000, the nearest to  this being "Oh how I miss you tonight with 302 hits and "Nalavee Sanasenney" with 262.

The range of countries is amazing. I am sending these to you because  I had no idea that Youtube songs are being accessed by so many countries.. I won't bore you with all the countries but the top ones are 

Sri Lanka -369,UK-115, US 120, Aus-35, Phillipines-34, Quatar-29,UAE - 19, Japan- 16, Canada-16, Polean 15, South Africa -11, France-10, India -10, Taiwan-10, NZ-10.

Mind you 1000 hits is nothing! Deborrah Allen's version of "Oh how I miss you tonight" had 17.100 views! --- Just to put matters in perspective.


  1. Mahen is a superb musician and his songs are simply brilliant. The Blog is well managed and deserves all the praise and the hits that it gets. Congratulations to both of you, Lucky and Mahen.

  2. Congratulations Speedy! I listened to your version and then decided to listen to the version by Nimal Mendis and Amaradeva, who were supported by a chorus of beautiful young women. You did a great job without all the back up singers. I have to confess that I had not heard this song before. Thanks for expanding my musical knowledge.
    Congratulations to all of you, Lucky, Speedy and ND for keeping the blog alive and carrying it through to a million hits. Wish you many more "hits."

  3. I must thank Lucky. Without him, the Blog would not have been born and without his enthusiasm and dedication, it would have died a premature death! Thanks to our "stars" ND, Razaque, Zita, Rohini, Srianee, Sriani and now our latest contributor Lama. I hope and I believe that a lot of our Batch do look at it from time to time although not many have got those fingers on the keyboard to send off a comment! Things can change as they certainly do and I hope more colleagues will respond.

  4. Mahen's efforts are really great as I have always maintained""
    As for the Blog long may it last forever and go from strength to more strength.
    Good luck.
    Speedy's --- "GS" Friend Raz.