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Saturday, October 10, 2015

Creative Spot - From Zita (Perera) Subasinghe to mark National Poetry Day

The following introduction sent in by Mahendra (Speedy) Gonsalkorale is self explanatory. 

National Poetry Day is a campaign for poets, poetry fans and poetry organisations to enjoy and participate in, held every year on the first Thursday in October.This annual mass celebration of poetry and all things poetical, marks its 21st birthday on Thursday 8 October 2015. Poetry helps us to remember stories, from Jack and Jill all the way to the Odyssey.

All's well! No need to yell!

I'm just walking along the street
In Marseille, that famous town
Children laugh, people greet
Happy faces, not a single frown

Suddenly, a crowd, in the street
Red flags of strike, people chant!
Police throng and some just stare
'Go away'! 'Stop'! 'No I shan't'!

Some in cafés, drink in hand
While others drum and loudly shout
Some enjoy Sun, Sea and Sand
Others have grave needs no doubt

There's enough work for those willing
While some just need to scream'n chant
There's no need for guns and killing
No one is in, that much want

Attacks by nature, we can't fight
When she sends Storm and Deluge
But personal greed, we can fight
And to the homeless, give refuge

A bed of roses, life is not
Dire hardship's there for all
Be thankful for what you've got
Stand up! Hold head high! Walk tall!

(Mahendra addsJ)
Words of wisdom hark ye well
Love thy neighbour rings a bell
Live Now! And fill the day with joy
Peace, love and harmony enjoy

Written by Zita with help from Mahendra on National Poetry Day (09 10 2015)


  1. Zita and Mahen
    Enjoyed the poetry and the sentiments expressed so vividly.
    The poems of Coleridge, Shelley and Byron introduced at school didn't touch my soul as they do now. There is a certain magic in poetry that touches the inner self of the reader.

  2. This is called maturity ND, like all good wines!

    1. My dear good 'mature' pal Mahen,
      Forgotten Cheese, Whiskey & WOMEN??
      When they mature they're wild, strong & tasteful!!!
      Enjoy them ALL only in moderation ,cos they can be a 'handful'

  3. Even in moderation gets embarrassingly noisy needing a silencer!!

  4. You have done it again---- well done
    What I enjoyed most was your unending talent and the underlying 'messages'!!

    Give us another ONE,
    Just like the other ONE,
    But several more will never be go amiss,
    To enlighten our lives that now lack bliss

    1. SORRY, forgot ID on above posting!!!!!
      IT WAS ME ........ RAZAQUE

  5. Oh well Razaque,my substantial (but NOT substandard) friend, one cannot have everything in life and one must be content with what one has got!

  6. Just an aside - I know somebody who followed the dictum "love thy neighbour" to the letter and got into deep trouble!

  7. If some of you may have heard this --- ignore!!
    A Chinaman filed divorce proceedings. As his English was poor he told the Judge that he can only give an example!!
    He said "when policeman 'put in' --- police-boy come out
    when postman 'put in'---- post-boy come out
    But, when chinaman 'put in' ----- WINDOW CLEANER BOY come
    The Judge got the message and granted him the DECRE NISI !!!!

    Razaque -- Mahen's 'substantial friend'!!!!

  8. Razaque
    When I was a junior registrar at King College hospital I was at a teaching session when I was shown a film with free gas under the diaphragm. Now there are many causes for this and as I blurted out the common causes and paused the teacher wanted more. One clever clog said "common in prostitutes" amidst roars of laughter. As I was on the 'hot seat' it took me awhile to workout the mechanism.

  9. We learn every day! I will relate a story both of you (the substantial and the one who does not look substantial physically but with a superstantial mindset) will like I have to take you back to my Biology class at Royal when I was a young an innocent tender lad of about 15 years. Our biology master was a Mr Marikkar and I do still "see; him in my mind. He had a thin moustache, wore glasses and without doubt, used Brylcreem to tame the caput fungus. On eof my mates asked him a question (Mr M liked being asked questions). "Sir, what is the purpose of Pubic Hair?".

    Without batting an eye lid, Mr M said " It acts as a shock absorber!"

    The things we remember! Most of them are substantially true.

  10. Mahen
    Perhaps you remember the teacher's remark more than the biology lesson that day. Memory and recall are such wonderful gifts. When I went into Radiology the pharmacology just vanished into thin air. But the anatomy returned after clearing the cobwebs. I still remember the clinical methods from my 1st clinical appointment with Dr Thanabalasundrum. What a great teacher he was. Pharmacology is a difficult subject to teach and we were fortunate to have Dr NDW Lionel who was such a great teacher. Prof Abhayaratne had the amazing ability make a boring subject come to life with his "Tins and Cans and pots and pans" and such like.

  11. What is: Hot during hot weather, Cold during cold weather and noisy during rainy weather?
    Now, keep your thoughts clean and take your minds back to the hedonistic years of Sex, Drugs and Rock & Roll

  12. If I recall correctly the reference is to a statement made by glorious Patchaya during a Public Health Lecture referring to a "takarang" roof AND not an indirect reference to any part of the male anatomy.

  13. Mahen
    Yes, indeed.
    "Pachaya" brought kindness and dignity to the teaching scene in the Faculty which otherwise would have been hell on earth. I was most impressed with the way he handled the infamous Law Medical saga when we perhaps deserved a harsher punishment . I can still picture the large frame of "Pachaya" ambling into the canteen with Dr Alles with his 4Aces pack in his hand. His elegant prose in his Public Health lectures has entered the folklore of that great institution.