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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Creative Spot - A Poem by Zita Perera Subasinghe

I lost a ring

As a Safari it was good
First time in Africa West
As by the sunlit beach I stood
‘Midst strangers, a lonely guest

Only yesterday I was crying
As while walking I had lost
A golden ring and I was trying
To find it at any cost

I gave up and sat on a rock
While a tramp, stood in the gale
Looking as if to take stock
So I told him my sad tale

It was my father’s precious ring
Which his own dad had given him
As in bed he lay dying
Of an illness painful, grim

The tramp took me by the hand
Combing every corner and nook
Turning every inch of sand
However long, the time it took

I was ready to take defeat
But no, not this strange ally
Who I had the chance to meet
As he was just standing by

Finally he stood up in glee
‘There it is behind the reed!’
And shining there, I could see
My father’s precious ring indeed!

He firmly refused my reward
Not even a drink in the bar
‘Your got your ring, Thank God!
It’s the best reward by far!’

So on my trip to Africa
Not only did I find my ring
But that ‘humanity exists afar’
That was the more precious thing.


  1. I enjoyed reading this very imaginative and creative poem by Zita. It has a deep meaning too and comes from a very sensitive soul. Well done and keep writing!

    1. Thanks Mahendra! I really appreciate your comments. You always encourage and are ready to help with technical stuff. Thanks a lot!

  2. Zita
    What strikes me about this lovely poem is its simplicity, subtlety and nuances. Writing such wonderful poetry is a special gift. Thank you for sharing those thoughts with us.

    1. It's a true story Nihal. And thanks a lot for your kind comments. I appreciate that coming from someone like you who has tremendous talent in writing.

  3. Yes Poet Laureate, done it again -- enjoyed every bit of it.

    I lost my Engagement Ring 2 years ago,,
    To find it, despite all efforts now know not where to go,
    I have now been forgiven by my wife,
    With a stern warning not to lose the"'Ring for Life"!!!.


    1. Razaque, this is fabulous! Your writings and poems always have an unexpected twist.
      I think what happens is you encourage me and vice versa and all of us encourage and spur one another on. Great thing too as we have seen our precious members pass on and so let's do what we can while we are here.
      Thanks, Razaque, Rohini, Nihal, Mahen, Sriyani and all who have commented on my humble contributions.

  4. Zita, Apart from the simple beauty of this poem, there is another dimension I
    admire- your trust and courage to have this 'tramp' lead you by the hand in an unknown world. I know all religions teach love for fellow beings, and buddhism in particular teaches that thoughts of loving kindness would dispel any evil.
    I have no problem feeling "love" for all beings, but prefer to be at a safe distance!! -however deficient this may sound.
    it is very heartening to know that goodness is still to be found in unexpected places -and thanks for sharing this with us.
    You have realized the truth of Hebrew 13.2-
    'Be not forgetful to entertain strangers: for thereby some have entertained angels unawares."
    I do admire your courage and trust.- RohiniAna

    If this comment comes through, may I say thank you to Nihal and Mahen for your kind instructions though I have been so slow!!

    , .

    1. Nice to see you back Rohini. All the best and keep writing! It is always a pleasure to read your well thought out snippets and comments.

    2. Rohini, I am very grateful for your comment. The beauty of the whole thing is when my learned friends give such profound and factual points. 'Shades of kindness' and 'At a safe distance' are the key words which really make us think that everything has to be taken in the light of one's experience and know that it can vary from the positive right down to the very negative, the absence of kindness.

  5. Replies
    1. Congratulations Rohini you posted a comment under your own steam. I knew you could do it. Well done and welcome to the Blog

  6. Hi Zita,
    This is Angela Wijetunga ( Wijesundera), trying to contact you. I am retired and living in NZ, but come to London every year to visit my daughter. I know you are in London too and I would love to catch up with you next time I am there. Please contact me via Facebook, my bridesmaid. Warm regards Angie.