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Friday, October 31, 2014

E - Mail from Zita

30 11 2014 
Dear Lucky,  
Please allow me a chance to speak to our batch members through the medium of our blog on two points of interest. First is something that can be ‘medical advice’  

 A close relative of mine who is aged 42 years is now in hospital having just undergone coronary angiography insertion of a balloon  and stenting of the anterior descending artery. He merely experienced chest pain, which radiated to the jaw, while walking the dog.  ECG revealed a mild myocardial infarction. What is interesting is that he is a non-smoker and never has been one, and has never been seriously ill before. There is no family history of heart disease but he has a ‘high powered’ job with a lot of stress. 

I thought it would help to alert our younger generation to take note.  

The second point I want to make is really of credit to you. I always noticed that you gave me good advice on important points in articles I submitted for inclusion on our blog and in the recent one I appreciate your meticulous care to get things just right and I accept that your aim is that our blog has a high standard in all aspects, including subject, presentation, illustration and general appeal so we maintain a high standard. I am sure many of our subscribers would agree and I look forward to reading more contributions from our members. By the way, the Creative Spot is a great idea. 

With kind regards, 

Zita (Perera Subasinghe)


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  1. I agree- lucky is meticulous and does a great job as blog administrator.