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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Batch Reunion in 1992 held at Windsor Holiday Inn in England

Dear Lucky,

I came across some pictures I had taken of our Batch Reunion in 1992 held at Windsor Holiday Inn in England. I thought it will be of interest to the batch, There are few who are no longer here with us including Tudor, Cigar Jayanetti and BL Perera in some of the pictures. I have also included the cover of the beautifully prepared Programme with the Silver and Black colour scheme by Con Bala.
The Academic Programme included the usual scientific programme with many of our batch as speakers and famed  International speakers such as Prof Raymond Tallis,Prof Poole Wilson,Prof Oliver Russel.It was followed by a Dinner Dance with the band Black Velvet & Colombo 4 in attendance. We  crowned the "European Queen" and if I remember right it was Swyree. The festivities that followed the event included a Mediterranean Cruise organised by Con Bala. In those days, we had no difficulty in getting sponsorship from Pharmaceutical Companies and there were 26 companies and 4 Medical Insurance companies doing the honours.
I have attached pics in JPEG format and I hope they come through reasonably well.


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  1. I remember quite well the event. We--- my whole family-my wife and 4 kids and I attended the event and it was most memorable, as !8th July was my eldest daughter Melati's 18th Birthday as well. The organisers very kindly had a 'Birthday Cake' and we all sang the usual "birthday song" to her delight!!!
    It was very memorable for me as well. I was the only batch mate from Bonnie Scotland!!! At the Dance that night I was the only one to attend the without MY TROUSERS!!!--- Yes, NO TROUSERS!! I came in a SKIRT -though!!! --- wearing a KILT-- In all its glory, a Hunting Royal Stewart Tartan. ---to the amusement of all those there. I was asked the usual question "Hey Scottie, what have you got under your Kilt??" My retort is un -printable here!!! Unfortunately I have misplaced the photos taken a/ont that occasion. If anybody do possess one -please pass it on to Lucky to be posted in our Blog.

    There were as memorable Reunions that followed this -- In US and many more in our very own Sri Lanka. Let there be many more to follow.

    Razaque, Farina and family.