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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Planning for the Reunion 2017

A single rose among the thorns!
The final planning meeting was held in Srianee's (Bunter's) apartment at Rockwood Place. Remember that spot near Carey College and almost next to the Bloem? Her family had demolished the old house and in that spot, a nice condo has come up.


  1. A photo speaks a thousand words!! Those chivalrous days of wine and roses are very much alive as you see Prince Charming amidst the glitz, glamour and elegance. The girls still mesmerise us as they did all those years ago. I am reminded of that Commercial Service advertisement of the 1950's for Favre-Leuba watches-- "Time passes but quality remains". So lovely to see a gathering of friends. I hope the Reunion is a great success. I wish we have the good fortune to meet again. My visits to Sri Lanka are rare although I have left my heart in that beautiful country where I was born.
    Good luck and good health to all.

    1. Thank heavens for our Blog. I am able to 'meet' you dear friends, on this picture, via the medium of our Blog. How much I would have liked to have been there. But at least let me say 'hello' to each and every one in this picture. 'I wish you the best that life can offer. And may our paths cross in unexpected ways so we can still meet in person in the time left to us' from Zita

  2. Good to see all of you working hard on behalf of us. Lucky, you lucky fellow to be the only Thorn among all those lovely Roses! See you aoon.

  3. Just observed that names of all the ladies, bar Pram unless we call her Senanayake, start with the letter "S" - Suri, Swyrie, Srianee, Srani. The Lone Ranger is of course Lucky and we can call him Sweet Lucky and he can join the Exclusive "S" Club!

    The Sun shines on our glamorous Suri
    No need at all to worry about elegant Swyrie
    Oh! What confusion with smiley Srianee
    Or are you thinking of equally chic Sriani
    But sweetest of all, sweet Lucky!

  4. Hey Mahendra, that's great! You are paying a great compliment to our dear friends in this picture. I second you in every word.
    So that's shows that pictures speak much louder than words.

  5. Hi everyone, we will truly miss those who won't be able to join us. The anticipation is building up and I am sure it will be a lot of fun, now that I am privy to some of the details. I was included in this group, because I showed up early in Colombo and offered to help, but the others in the photo are the ones who have done most of the work. Mahen, I appreciate your little ditty. Yes, my first name caused a lot of confusion when I was growing up, because there were so many "Srianis" in school, one or two in every class. That is part of the reason I didn't mind my nickname. Srianee (Bunter)